What to do on a weekday in monsoon when it is raining heavily and not major work. We go for a small trip to nearby locations enjoying the great monsoon rains and the ecstatic locations with delicious foods.

The Tasty Maharashtrian Poha
On the way.

The best part of Pune is there are many amazing locations nearby which are nothing less than the majestic western ghats. Even though there are so much of unwanted constructions which are happening near the surrounding areas of Pune to fulfill the rise of population and crowd coming to Pune in search of a career. But still, there are some amazing locations like panshet, Lonavala, Lavasa, kamshet, Mahabaleshwar, bhor, etc.

View From the Caves

The beautiful mosoon Green

This year it is way too much rain here in the city, causing lots of water in the nearby dams and rivers. It was a relaxing day, thought of taking a ride just to explore. While looking in maps found about the Bedse cave which was approx 60km from the city. Got inside my raincoat and started with my mobile camera and tripod. Since it is very near I know can visit this place and return in time before sunsets.

Stairs to the caves

While I started around 10am. This place would complete the trio of Buddhist caves around Lonavala and Kamshet along with Karla Caves and Bhaja caves. But the Bedse caves relatively lesser-known to the touristy crowd and gets much lesser visitors than the other two. And since it was a weekday so I knew there won't be much crowd.

Obviously, while you are in Pune, you can afford to miss the poha while going somewhere. and in monsoon enjoying a hot poha is the best thing along with tea, even though I am not much of a fan of tea. Surrounded by lush green hills waterfalls and magnificent green lands. Connectivity is good since this is a remote location, I was not expecting it to be so good, but it was a smooth ride. Don't expect any huge marking in this place. There is a turn to the caves from the road with a small board you need to take help of google maps.  Once you reach below the hill you will find stairs which will take you to the hills. There are approx 4 to 5 small waterfall just next to the steps. Since it was raining heavily could enjoy the climb to top approx 400 stairs with water dropping from the top.

The actual caves are smaller than Karla or Bhaje, but interesting nevertheless. The unhindered view from the top is good. Also, the sidewalls of the caves are very conducive for climbing up and displaying your i-originated-from-monkeys skills.

The most impressive cave is right at the entrance, with an open, horseshoe-arched entrance. The best-known cave is the chaitya (prayer hall) with a comparatively large stupa, the other cave is monastery - vihara. There are many small rooms around Vihar. There is also a small "Stupa" outside to the right of the main caves.