Sometimes we have to take a few decisions which may not everyone like, but that what actually your heart wants. 

Life is all about the choices we make daily. And this started when I was into engineering when everyone chose to go for JAVA and C( these are computer programing languages) I chose to go for robotics in my vacation. When everyone was taking classes related to the upcoming courses I was learning hacking.

What I feel it is not necessary to follow a specific patter what society is doing, we should do what our heart wants. not what our aunt wants.

I joined a small IT firm situated in the heart of Hyderabad city, as it was my very first job it was a different experience altogether. I enjoyed the process loved how things happened and learned so many things. The 1st year went by coding and working, 2nd year of my career I meet a nice girl, so weekends were more on the tour and traveling exploring the beauty of Hyderabad. This was the time when I developed a hobby if photography, trekking and traveling.

Post 2 years I shifted to Pune to work now with a multinational company with big goals, while I was getting time I learned guitar, worked in Dominos, did professional photography, moto blogging, cycling, etc. This was the time I learned so many things which help me meet many new people of different background, explore many places, do many things, learn different aspects of life. Which made me realize my cubical is not the only world, there are so many things which I can do.

I also started to work with a startup in the night, but gradually with time, it was getting hectic, hard to manage time and not getting enough time for myself and for the thing I love to do. 
Post my Ladakh ride I left this too and started searching for something new.

Not knowing what to do. What I want. Sometimes I felt there is something lacking in my life. when though I was working and getting a decent salary, no financial issues I was always running for more exciting, more experience, more adventure, things which will keep my adrenaline flow high.

I meet one friend who was operating a nutrition studio and was looking for coaches to work with him. I saw the presentation and join the organization. Initially, I was only enjoying this new concept, but later post lots of training on personality development, goal setting, I was able to get some real meaning of the things I was doing. After 3 year I decided to leave my full-time job and went full time working as an Entrepreneur helping people stay healthy and happy.

Why it took me 3 years?
Many time life doesn't happen our way and caused 3 years of waiting, but this was worth. I was able to learn many new things about being my own boss, learn a new aspect of having own business and the philosophy behind it. 

Now am I happy with my decision?
Yes obviously, I am master of my fate I am master of my destiny. I am excited about the upcoming years, new goals, new plans. Waiting what this life holds for me.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”-Mark Twain

Guess this is my 3rd trip to Jaipur.
But still, this city doesn't forget to excite me with the beauty and the glamour.
Being the capital of Rajasthan, this city is a collection of lots of flavors of different kings who ruled this city. Every time I am here I don't forget to explore the breathtaking beauty of this place. Describing this city can't be done in words, you need to see it then only you can understand it.

At Jaipur Railway station. The journey over the train is always exciting.

Albert hall museum. One of place you can afford to miss at Jaipur

from the fort

elephant ride

With Amer Fort

Jantar Mantar

Hawa Mahal

Irresistible food at Chowki dhani

Birla temple

Obviously can't miss the Jaipur delicious food.
How about a ride
team photo at amer fort

Jal mahal

Obviously, I can't miss faluda