What to do on a weekday in monsoon when it is raining heavily and not major work. We go for a small trip to nearby locations enjoying the great monsoon rains and the ecstatic locations with delicious foods.

The Tasty Maharashtrian Poha
On the way.

The best part of Pune is there are many amazing locations nearby which are nothing less than the majestic western ghats. Even though there are so much of unwanted constructions which are happening near the surrounding areas of Pune to fulfill the rise of population and crowd coming to Pune in search of a career. But still, there are some amazing locations like panshet, Lonavala, Lavasa, kamshet, Mahabaleshwar, bhor, etc.

View From the Caves

The beautiful mosoon Green

This year it is way too much rain here in the city, causing lots of water in the nearby dams and rivers. It was a relaxing day, thought of taking a ride just to explore. While looking in maps found about the Bedse cave which was approx 60km from the city. Got inside my raincoat and started with my mobile camera and tripod. Since it is very near I know can visit this place and return in time before sunsets.

Stairs to the caves

While I started around 10am. This place would complete the trio of Buddhist caves around Lonavala and Kamshet along with Karla Caves and Bhaja caves. But the Bedse caves relatively lesser-known to the touristy crowd and gets much lesser visitors than the other two. And since it was a weekday so I knew there won't be much crowd.

Obviously, while you are in Pune, you can afford to miss the poha while going somewhere. and in monsoon enjoying a hot poha is the best thing along with tea, even though I am not much of a fan of tea. Surrounded by lush green hills waterfalls and magnificent green lands. Connectivity is good since this is a remote location, I was not expecting it to be so good, but it was a smooth ride. Don't expect any huge marking in this place. There is a turn to the caves from the road with a small board you need to take help of google maps.  Once you reach below the hill you will find stairs which will take you to the hills. There are approx 4 to 5 small waterfall just next to the steps. Since it was raining heavily could enjoy the climb to top approx 400 stairs with water dropping from the top.

The actual caves are smaller than Karla or Bhaje, but interesting nevertheless. The unhindered view from the top is good. Also, the sidewalls of the caves are very conducive for climbing up and displaying your i-originated-from-monkeys skills.

The most impressive cave is right at the entrance, with an open, horseshoe-arched entrance. The best-known cave is the chaitya (prayer hall) with a comparatively large stupa, the other cave is monastery - vihara. There are many small rooms around Vihar. There is also a small "Stupa" outside to the right of the main caves.

Sometimes we have to take a few decisions which may not everyone like, but that what actually your heart wants. 

Life is all about the choices we make daily. And this started when I was into engineering when everyone chose to go for JAVA and C( these are computer programing languages) I chose to go for robotics in my vacation. When everyone was taking classes related to the upcoming courses I was learning hacking.

What I feel it is not necessary to follow a specific patter what society is doing, we should do what our heart wants. not what our aunt wants.

I joined a small IT firm situated in the heart of Hyderabad city, as it was my very first job it was a different experience altogether. I enjoyed the process loved how things happened and learned so many things. The 1st year went by coding and working, 2nd year of my career I meet a nice girl, so weekends were more on the tour and traveling exploring the beauty of Hyderabad. This was the time when I developed a hobby if photography, trekking and traveling.

Post 2 years I shifted to Pune to work now with a multinational company with big goals, while I was getting time I learned guitar, worked in Dominos, did professional photography, moto blogging, cycling, etc. This was the time I learned so many things which help me meet many new people of different background, explore many places, do many things, learn different aspects of life. Which made me realize my cubical is not the only world, there are so many things which I can do.

I also started to work with a startup in the night, but gradually with time, it was getting hectic, hard to manage time and not getting enough time for myself and for the thing I love to do. 
Post my Ladakh ride I left this too and started searching for something new.

Not knowing what to do. What I want. Sometimes I felt there is something lacking in my life. when though I was working and getting a decent salary, no financial issues I was always running for more exciting, more experience, more adventure, things which will keep my adrenaline flow high.

I meet one friend who was operating a nutrition studio and was looking for coaches to work with him. I saw the presentation and join the organization. Initially, I was only enjoying this new concept, but later post lots of training on personality development, goal setting, I was able to get some real meaning of the things I was doing. After 3 year I decided to leave my full-time job and went full time working as an Entrepreneur helping people stay healthy and happy.

Why it took me 3 years?
Many time life doesn't happen our way and caused 3 years of waiting, but this was worth. I was able to learn many new things about being my own boss, learn a new aspect of having own business and the philosophy behind it. 

Now am I happy with my decision?
Yes obviously, I am master of my fate I am master of my destiny. I am excited about the upcoming years, new goals, new plans. Waiting what this life holds for me.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”-Mark Twain

Guess this is my 3rd trip to Jaipur.
But still, this city doesn't forget to excite me with the beauty and the glamour.
Being the capital of Rajasthan, this city is a collection of lots of flavors of different kings who ruled this city. Every time I am here I don't forget to explore the breathtaking beauty of this place. Describing this city can't be done in words, you need to see it then only you can understand it.

At Jaipur Railway station. The journey over the train is always exciting.

Albert hall museum. One of place you can afford to miss at Jaipur

from the fort

elephant ride

With Amer Fort

Jantar Mantar

Hawa Mahal

Irresistible food at Chowki dhani

Birla temple

Obviously can't miss the Jaipur delicious food.
How about a ride
team photo at amer fort

Jal mahal

Obviously, I can't miss faluda

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” -Gustav Flaubert

What is your way to celebrate Holi?

Yes, I obviously like colors and to play with friends dipping in water and the gulal chasing all to put colors. But this time I opted to play a different way.

No colors no music no shouting no water. Only me and a solo road trip to explore me.

The day started 7am when I packed my camera and kicked my bike filled it with lots of fuel for the day, while everyone started preparing to play colors, I was already cruising on the roads of MULSHI. Crossing mulshi lake entered the tamini ghat section. Even though the roads were under construction and major part of the road was full of dust and trucks overtaking each other, nothing could take away the enjoyment of riding alone after a long time.
This was the most amazing feeling ever, being on my bike again, enjoying the wind and the beautiful mountains. Its been already more than 2 years I did any ride like this. And I realized that was the thing I was missing actually.
I am actually a  slow rider, but riding for me holds a different meaning. I am scared a lot of riding fast, but I love to enjoy being with nature and explore different locations. And my bike helps me in this a lot. 

Many time I get question doesn't I get bored of riding alone. Actually, it doesn't feel as if I am alone. I keep on clicking lots of pictures, I keep on enjoying the beauty of rivers, mountains, and forest. I enjoy the hot sun while crossing the patches of forest. I enjoy the birds while sitting alone and looking above the valley. I enjoy bathing in rivers and lakes. And many times I get travelers on the way also, who shares his journey and all the exciting rides to offbeat locations.

This Holi Ride was also not planned it just came promptly, I decided one night before and started for the ride not knowing where I am going. I just wanted to be alone and be myself.  Around 9am I had one plate of poha in between mountains, the most delicious food you can get, there was actually no one except me and the cook who guess own that small restaurant.
While climbing down the Tamini Ghat I saw the board towards Diveghar. This was not planned at all, but I did some calculation and started towards the location. The route was again many places in construction as a major part was crossing small hills, so lots of zigzag route but it was amazing. 

At one point I missed the diversion towards the diveghar and ended up in the shrivardhan beach, again this was not planned. But actually glad I ended up at this location, check the pics to understand why.

Being a weekday and holi, there was no one at all except 3 to 4 people at the beach. Till the time I reached it was already 1pm, spent some time at beach looking at the lost sea and the horizon. Then I started towards the diveghar beach crossing the coastal route. And it is one of the best beautiful locations. One side of the road was white sand beach other side trees and the wind crossing the road. It was so amazingly beautiful I was awestruck with the beauty of the location. This place I spent maximum time clicking and doing random kinds of stuff.

many times we are so much stuck with our work that we actually tend to forget the beauty and simplicity this world is holding and waiting for us to open our winds and fly. The sea, the winds felt like they are trying to say something. I was actually flying with my mind. All of my tiredness gone I was alive again to look the view lost in the winds.
“What you’ve done becomes the judge of what you’re going to do — especially in other people’s minds.  When you’re traveling, you are what you are right there and then.  People don’t have your past to hold against you.  No yesterdays on the road.” -William Least Heat Moon

Around 3pm I started back journey via Lonavala.
This journey was kind of trip to wonder where I am going to be with me and live my life once again.