Viaterra Handlebar Review

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With the rise of cycling synopses in India. There are lots of organization coming up with loads of cycling accessories. As most of these are imported.  Viaterra cyclist came up with a nice concept of having touring bags for cyclists. And guess what they are lot different and cool. I had used the touring bags they had for motorbiking and I love them. And as expected they understand the customers and their requirements and create as per the need.

Now we can get much better products at less price. Touring bags concept is new in India. Even though people do buy cycles,  but they keep themselves only to weekend few km's of the ride. Very few serious riders are out there. But still kudos to these guys for coming up with these amazing products. I got the opportunity to test one of these. It was monsoon and planned to do goa ride from Pune, approx 500km, 2-day ride, now carrying a bag pack is different while you are on a motorbike, but once ur starts pedalling,  it's a different version altogether. Now for 2 days ride, it's not an intelligent idea to carry panniers, being huge in size they need proper panniers holder to attach them to your bike, and if you own a road bike, then forget to use them.

So, Viaterra came up with this nice concept,  a handlebar bag, it was perfect for my 2-day ride, and enough capacity to carry 2 days, required essence, but to make it clearer, I carried,
  • Extra tees,
  • Shorts,
  • Daily use material,
  • Extra tubes,
  • Some eatables.
That's it, obviously,  2 days ride right.
It was a monsoon, so the rain was obvious, now this bag comes up with rain cover enough to handle showers to heavy rain. But if you keep the bag in heavy rain for hrs, then nothing is going to work, in that case, so have a break. In my day 2 of the ride, I was in the rain for 4 to 5 hrs and the cover worked in a good way. Moreover, the materials used to make the bag is good, u need not worry about it anytime soon, once u buy this bag.

This bag is easy to attach to cycle. It comes with 3 straps, 2 on top to get tied with handlebar one to keep it steady and avoid from jumping everywhere. Now road bikes are not designed to carry luggage,  so faced issues attaching it in front, as it was causing problems with breaks. So moved it in opposite side. You can see that in pictures. Other than these in back I carried my tent and a sleeping bag that's it. No more extra unnecessary stuff.

You can check the ride story from here.

The bag comes up with splendid zip pouch on top to keep your mobile and screen will be visible from one side as it is made of transparent plastic. I found this very beneficial.  Every part of this bag is composed and made with a thought process, not just a bag. It can be called as a cyclist friend as it is easy to carry, easy to attach to the bike, removes the burden from rider back, can be attached to any bike, good capacity, waterproof covers, good material, what else you need. 


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