No point in creating New Year Resolutions

As per study and research done by some leading health magazine. All new year Resolutions end within 3 weeks and remaining last till the month of February. And funniest in the gymnasium resolution,  people even after knowing this, they keep on creating the list of resolutions.

Ever wondered, why no one is able to keep up their promises. It's simple, lack on motivation and goals

  "Being human, if you set the goal too huge, without the proper plan of execution, its ends up in a chaotic battle and result is similar in most situation."

I am not the best person to teach about motivation kinds of stuff, but will give some points which anyone can follow this year and make most of it.

1. Get a healthy 7+ hours of sleep. 
Now this is easy right, you only need to sleep 7hrs a day. Sleeping is never a waste of time. Every organism in this earth needs it. A good sleep will help your body to recover and heal and ready for next day. You will feel more energetic in the morning. 

But make sure to sleep early and wake up early.

Keep your mobile far from the bed and in silent mode.

Sleep with a happy mood.

2. Consume 30grams of protein. 
Once you are awake, make sure to consume 30 grams of protein daily. Our body scientifically need 1.8g of protein per body kg. Protein rich food keeps you full longer and maintains sugar level. It's not necessary to have dairy, meat or egg, the vegetarian can consume nuts, seeds and vegetable form of proteins. Even doing this for 7days you can see drastic change in yourself

3. Decrease consumption of alcohol and beverages. 
As per calculation, you can save the good amount of money. Yes it's not a joke.  I have seen and heard people saying same those who were successful in this. Knowingly or unknowingly we spent a lot much money which could have been used for something more reasonable and meaningful in your life.

4. Do some exercise daily.
I am not saying to go to the gym. Start by doing 10 pushups, jumping jacks, skipping.  increase slowly. There are many exercises which can be done at home, without any instruments also. Just start by doing for 15mins, and increase slowly. Even a cycle, or a walk for 30min does magic. So gear up and go out.

5. Go for a road trip.
The company you work for will continue, no matter you are with it or not. So take a leave and go for a road trip.

"Love your job, but not your company,  cause you never know when your company stops loving you."

I myself working in an MNC, I love being a web developer, I love creating websites, but I always keep my company secondary and my life as primary. With small management of tasks, I get time for myself and get the chance to travel. Recently I went for a road trip to Leh Ladakh on my motorbike. Those experience can not be compared to anything. You don't need to leave your job, just manage it little to find time for yourself and your family.

6. Avoid junk food. The easy one to do, but we mostly ignore it. Avoiding junk food will help you be fit and work towards something more productive. Your body will get fit, you will start getting confidence,  your life will change and your goals will be clearer.

Now next question you must be thinking is what to eat, once you skip junk food. Right?
I can help with that, you can opt for many things which use less oil or have some good nutrition content too. Like buttermilk, lassi, sandwiches,  fruits,  juice, dry fruits,  nuts, curd, etc.

7. Make goals for life.
It starts today, pen down your goals. Be it short or long, no issues, just pen down. This will make you clear what you want to achieve this year and you can plan accordingly. Type of goal never matters. We all are different and walk on the different path so goals will obviously be different. "Want to get good physique"

Want to loose weight?

Want to succeed financially?

want to achieve something you were waiting for long.

Want to buy a house.

Whatever, write it and paste somewhere, where you spent most time like office dashboard,  house wall. And every day work towards it. When it will stay in front of you,  your mind will slowly start working towards it. You never know,  when you will get clicked and your job is done.

So, stop wondering about your resolutions and go for it and make your 365days worth looking back.