2015 Year of Change.

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"Life never goes the way you want. "

"It always had planned to kick your ass, no matter how careful you are. And after getting kicked, you fall, you get hurt, but you got to get up and start all over again. That's what makes us human."

2015 was no different,  faced many issues, learned many things, started all over again and reached the new level. This year was lots of travelling, biking, cycling, running and lots of amazing stuff.

1. Did Pune Leh Bike trip. This I will remember,  throughout my life, the experience of riding across 8 states and 8500km is thrilling and can't be explained.  Where I stayed most of the trip in my tent or in dhabas. Sharing stories with people, talking to them, spending time enjoying the nature and much more.

2. Motorcycle traveller meet. One of the amazing 3days event I was part of. Riders across the world who are legends or motorbike travelling were in the event. It was amazing to listen to them, their stories and their experiences. The stories they had lived, the moments they had lived all we were able to feel and enjoy. Those 3 days were like best time of motorbiking event.

3. Did Pune Goa Cycling Solo. In monsoon rented a road bike and started to enjoy monsoon. 2 days trip from Pune riding across Kolapur and ended at Goa. On the way meet one more cyclist who was heading towards Leh from Bangalore.

4. Attended many marathons and did 35km. This was tough, but I practiced and managed to clock lots of 10km and running event with good timings and on Christmas did my 35km. I was seriously insane to participate in that, lack of practice resulted in bad timing, but I completed it somehow. It was something unexplainable. 

5. Joined Herbalife. One of the best thing which happened, being part of world best nutrition company. What else you need. Thanks to one of my facebook friends, due to him I was able to know about this.

6. Jammu Kashmir trip with parents. The whole week with mom and dad enjoying the serenity of Kashmir valley. The beautiful mountains of Kashmir and lovable weather. Even did Ice Skiing.

Now 2016 just few clicks away, wish it will be more amazing, thrilling, exciting, beautiful and memorable.



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