Why MTM 2015?

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It's been two weeks now that I am back from my 21days mind-blowing tour covering 8500km. I finally was able to steal some time from office work, to pen down my story.

My trip ended with a real bang, I was at MTM 2015 Bangalore for last 2days. While I was returning from my journey,  I came back to Pune, removed all the dirty and unnecessary stuff, got my saddle bag loaded with new fresh clothes and left for Bangalore. 800km of dull and tiresome riding constantly on 6 lane highway as doing 100+kmph is just not me. Somehow I managed to keep my self-focused to complete the journey, thanks to one Harley owner, from Belgaum. Meet him somewhere in between and after that the journey to Camp Shirti was little bearable riding with him.

So what I did at MTM?

Ever since the dates were announced I was dancing with excitement and eagerness to be part of this, and luckily I was even able to finish Leh Ladakh trip in time to make sure I don't miss it.   I had been to IBW twice, attended many biking events in Pune, joined some groups, but no one was able to keep attached to me, cause for me biking is being myself and traveling, places which are less populated, spend time with myself sitting at some hill top, camping in woods. And MTM is home for such legends, who did world tours or bike, cycles, legends who had scripted their name in Guinness book of records, legends who are riding for 10years.

Surrounded by rocks and boulder hills camp shirsti is like a hidden beauty, between the darkness of forests. It is a place where you can be yourself, without bothering about city traffic, and being with like minded people. You get to stay in camp, have the stomach full of food whole day and enjoy biking and feel happy of being a rider. Those 3 days, I did not feel like even taking out my camera, cause moments and time like these can never be captured.

The story does not end here, the real reason of being at MTM is meeting all of those legends, Bharadwaj Dayala, a simple guy who did world tour on a Indian bike, Deepak Kamath, who had many records in his name,  Dilip bam, first guy to cross Sahara desert on a punny scooter and the list is endless. You talk to them, listen to their stories, experience, memories, photographs and get inspired. Plus you get to have the selfie with lots of big bad bikes. It is a completely different event, people laugh, share, talk, enjoy barbecue. It like a heaven for motorcycle travelers. I was able to meet Akhil and Shaquib. We had a good time, whole day discussing, listening, talking, blabbering about the bikes, bikers, and everything lovely about biking. 

What more you can ask for after a long solo ride. 


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