Pune MTB Dirt Race - Edition 1 by Pune Racing

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"If you don't ride in the rain and get dirty, then you don't ride".

Pune MTB Dirt Race - Edition 1, organized by Team Pune Racing, was not about just cycling, it was a phenomenon which has just started, a whole new level of  competition ever experienced by riders.

As mentioned by few rides "Awesome trail, a very different one and it was fun riding".

And we guess this is what MTB Dirt Race is supposed to be, a tough, rugged, unexpected, muddy, rocky path to test a rider true cycling spirit, to test his stamina, endurance, his skill and maneuvering qualities as a mountain biker. Surrounded by scenic hills of Sus Gaon, this cross-country race gave riders chance to explore and understand different types of Mountain Biking  genre.

The terrain was fabricated of single tracks, forest tracks, downhill portions, gutwrenching uphill. With the total distance of 3.5km. Also rains 2days prior to the event, made the track little more interesting. The format was very also very different, there were 3 categories based on riding skill Elite, Pro and Women's categories, and all categories had different laps. As the race progressed, riders rushed to get hold of that podium and results were  unbelievable. Even the army brats gave a tough competition to experience downhill and MTB riders of Pune. Pune Racing an initiative by Raw Adventure Solutions have started with new series of cycling, running and all different kind of race activities. They are planning to have mountain biking races, road races, trail marathons and the list is uncountable. These races will help Pune Cyclists learn more about cycling, different kinds of races which happens in cycling sports and will also encourage cyclists to understand more and love cycling sports.

Disclosed here few pictures from the race.


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