Goa international mountain biking challenge 2015

Goa international mountain biking challenge stage 3 at Panjim came to a nail-biting finish in front of hundreds of spectators and riders of Goa. The crowd roared and cheered as Goan riders cross passed them in every lap. And final race ended with obvious and deserving winner Rohan Buddhi Tamag from Nepal, the way he finished every stage astonished everyone.

There were over 40 participants across the globe including Australia,  Nepal, Zurich, India. Even though this was only the very first year for Cycling Goa to organize such an international race, but the event was up to mark and expectations of all riders. Even the track crafted for all the stages are of international standards and tough to make you realize the true sense of a cross country race. I consider it more of Enduro race as there were downhill portion,  rock patches,  blind curves, single tracks, few technical small jumps, gruelling uphill, large river stream. Race comprised of 3 stage from which first two days lap was 4.5km approx and last day was a 2.4km circuit. Obviously race was no childs play, to complete in provided time period, you need skill to control your bike, skills to conquer those humongous uphill, skills to maneuver easily in blind turns, skills to race fast in horrifying downhills. And its not only skill which got tested, you need to have stamina, energy, endurance, power and a huge positive spirit to compete the race in hot and humid climate of Goa.
A small video of day 2 race

GIMBC Day 2 stream crossing!
Goa International Mountain Biking Challenge Day-2 race started off with the riders going through a stream. #GIMBC
Posted by Lumos on Sunday, October 18, 2015
Pointing about race management, it was conducted in a very good manner with everything at the position, from the hotel to food, transport, race venue selection, route marking. Every participant enjoyed a lot and stay at Jungle Book resort which was our first 2day stay location,  situated in the extensions on Dudhsagar waterfall river. It was one of most astonishing, marvelous, and extraordinary place we could ever have. Even the last day also when we got shifted to Panjim for stage 3 race and prize ceremony,  the hotel provided was too good, situated near to Miramar beach. Organizers took care of participants and their satisfaction level. And this helped us to focus on the race and perform remarkably.

This was my first mountain biking challenge while I was struggling with my bike and such a technically challenging and demanding track, there were participants who literally flew on their bike and finished 1 hour prior to me. First two days I was so stocked with the race struggle I was not able to finish in time. The third day I succeeded to clock a good time just 15min late from the first rider. Good enough for a seasoned rider. This race taught me so many skills and technicalities and virtue of mountain biking. Now that I am back, I am still dreaming about those woods where I rode to finish my circuit. And I have already made up my mind to compete next year, but with lots of more preparation, training and discipline.

Even though the festival ended, to me it felt like the new beginning of mountain biking era in a country like India. If you ask me, this is what India needs at this stage, we need more races like this to push riders to a whole new level and tackle top athletes around the world. Hope next year GIMBC will keep up its standards and make the race worth attending again.

Riders that just wouldn't Quit! The Finishers are ecstatic! #GIMBC

Posted by Lumos on Sunday, October 18, 2015