Why Should you also go on A Solo Trip?


Every time I do a solo ride, questions starts pouring on me.

"Why solo?
Dont you get bored?
What u will do in case of any problems.
Dnt go alone, its not safe."

And all I do is smile on their misery and go on one more solo trip, bombarding my social website with lots of more photos and giving glimpse of how awesome my solo trips are.

I am not a pro rider or a traveller but I had done enough of rides and travelling all solo to rant about, how fun and excitement a solo trip can be, and advantages of travelling solo are enormous. So here based on my experience I am adding few points which makes me love solo riding or travelling.

1. Freedom. Peace. Flexibility. 
Travelling alone gives you feel of freedom and peace related to your plan. You can change modify and update your plans spontaneously without any compromises or accounting for anyone else feelings. You can stop where ever you want, can have food wherever or whatever you feel like. Can go places you like. Can sleep, stay, do on your wish, no discussion or wastage of time. So you will be travelling on your own term and guess this is the reason you opted for the holiday at first place. Your trip is like a blank canvas,  start painting it with colors of your preferences. 

2. Learn New things.
Life is a long learning process. And travelling alone opens the door of knowledge.  You will get to know and learn many new things which no book can teach. Once you hit the road, you will face the reality, it won't matter how much preparation you have done, life out there is different and sometime can be cruel and that where you will excel. During my trips, I actually don't plan much, I decide on the go, depending on conditions.

3. Making new friends.
Travelling alone gives you the chance to make friends and interact with many new peoples. Many are scared of doing so, and the reasons are always valid, but u don't get always negative. During my trips I meet 80% of good people, some welcomes you for dinner, some let you camp at safe place. Being solo you are naturally open to everyone and the hesitation is lost.

Example :
 During my GOA trip, I had flat both of tyres in my cycle, glad there was a restaurant opposite to road, he helped me fixing my bike, if he had not been there I would have been stuck in a dark night on a highway surrounded by jungles.

One more story where I had beer with Bikers from Chandigarh during my Leh trip.

If I had been in a group all of these would not have happened, I would have been stuck with people I came or I am with.

4. Confidence.
While travelling alone helps in building confidence, as when you are alone, you have to face all the situations by your self and this helps a lot. Like you have to camp alone, make camp fire. Travel in a new city without my issues. While in group trips you wont face all of these situations as someone or other will help you for sure. Like I had to repair my bike when it breaks down,  even if  it takes time I learn while I do and it helps me in my next trip. You overcome the fear of heights, darkness, spiders or even new food. The more you travel, the less you fear. As long as you make regular solo trips, you will feel more confident each time, no matter what your fear is which is also a good excuse to travel regularly.

5. Save Money.
This is kind of contradiction, but I was able to save money many times during my solo travels. You get hotel as per your own budget, you eat what fits in your pocket, public transport etc. Solo travelling opens gate to all such possibilities.

For example like in my leh trip, I am able to save almost 50% of amount, the tour organizers charge. No one actually believed me.

So next time, you are in doubt, gear up and leave on a solo trip. You never know what you will hit and what amazing story awaits you on the other side.


  1. It feels good to know there are people like me.
    Everytime i travel solo i never feel alone, talking to myself, doing crazy things, going random places, stopping at chaiwalas and chatting with them knowing the locals it's always a pleasure to travel alone

    1. Man, this world is small place, I meet many solo travellers while on my trip. And doing crazy things makes your trip beautiful. Hope to meet you too, one day on road.