Things to Remember while Camping.

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Camping in India is very uncommon, and if you are doing something different in no time you will be surrounded with 100 of unknown people dropped from heaven throwing useless comments. And camping is like alien stuff here. Also there are no proper so called camping ground, and if there are, they are owned by some hotels or restaurant who charge heavy amount to pitch in the tent. And in case you plan to camp in  jungle, then there are lots of things to be taken care, i am sure  you dont want some crawling thing inside your tent.

So, based on my experience on camping, as I did mostly solo camping, while on my trips, there are few things you got to remember while camping.
  1. Make sure to carry important gears. Like map, torch with extra batteries. Axe or hammer, knives, lighter, lantern, GPS, candles, whistle, sunglass, first aid kit, camp chair, radio, binoculars, rope, bungee cords, notepad, pen, cell phone, charger,  safety pins, umbrella. Alarm clock. Scissors, watch. Work gloves, duct tape. Match box.All of these varies from person to person and the type and location of camp. But its always better to be in safe side. 
  2. Basic first aid kit.
    This is important, as you never know when you have to use it. Things like Glucon-D, bandaid, tissues, sunscreen, small water bottle, anti-acids, bandage, cotton swabs, roll bandages, burn ointment, ace bandages, antibiotic cream. You may not use it. But someone in ur team, or may be someone on ur way need them.
  3. Personal things.
    Now these are things which we may or may not carry depending on preferences,  but always carry important stuffs. Raincoat, personal medications,  toilet papers, deodorants, toothbrush, soaps, towels, flip flops.
  4.  Cloths.
    Now here dont get heavy, be light always when camping or travelling. Shoes water proof preferred, shorts, tees, hats, bandana, jackets, underwear, rain gears, swim suits, sleeping bag.

Now some points to remember.

  1. Dnt forget carrying essentials. Now you don't want to get your trip wasted, cause u forgot to bring, something very essential.  So make a checklist keeping in mind campsite, weather, location. Always keep in, mind camp site and then prepare the checklist.
  2. Check weather ahead of time. Surely take warm clothes, n rain gears, cause manytime I suffered due to miss calculation of weather. So these are important.
  3. Reach campsite before sunset. This will give u enough time to judge the area in case of emergency. Set your tent in flat surface and keep it zipped if sitting out to avoid insects inside.  Check details about location before hand like :  if camping in beach check properly water position, as in night water level tends to rise, if doing in mountains keep away from slopes or valley, find some proper safe place. So that u can enjoy. In case u got late to camp, try to find, some place which is illuminated, as u cant see whats 1 beyond 100m.
    Also many times villagers don't like, so be aware of that.  Situations are totally different when you camp alone than in groups and for that you have to be more cautious.
  4. Make are the area you choose have no animals nearby 5 or 10km and by that I need, doing camping in sanctuary or in South India where elephants are common. many times you can find big cats easily. So be attentive, and have proper details about campsite.
  5. Carry food if camping alone. Like snacks, or biscuits, and carry the leftovers, don't leave packets and make area dirty. Remember to no leave any eco-footprint. If want to cook, don't leave food unattended, also cooking food, many time attracts nearby animals. No one want  any unwanted animal in their campsite.
  6. If doing camp fire,  make sure tent is having safe decent distance from fire.  Keep flammables away. Dnt leave fire unattended. Extinguish fire when going to sleep or leaving campsite.  Follow fire safety protocols.
  7. If coming with friends or family, make sure kids are nearby and not roaming in places you are unaware of. Also bring small games life cards games, volleyball or musical instrument to enjoy.
Now these are just a to make sure, you know what kind of stuff one person need for camping. Cause camping is only fun when it is safe.

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