Things to do instead of Getting Married

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In India your relatives and neighbor aunties are more excited about your marriage. Not a single idea what the fck they get from this. Only time they come to your life in during your marriage and your results and make your peaceful life hell.

So, if you are tired of all of those bullshit but still you can blow them with bazooka. Then you have these options to try.

"Things  you can always do  instead of Marriage"

  • Go on road trip : whenever you find any aunty around, before they starting irritating you. This will give you lots of time to calm yourself and attain inner peace and make them forget that you once lived on earth. Any way you dont need Honeymoon to visit most amazing places on earth.  Pack your bag, carry your tent and show middle finger to all who are asking you to get married.

  • Buy fuckingawesomehollyshit  2000cc 16cylinder 500hp superbike and do wheelie front of those who ever asked you to get married. Jokes apart every day biking industry even in India is engaged with new, increased, faster, better and awesome bikes so why waste money on meaningless Big Fat Indian Wedding and serve guests whom you had never seen.

  • Get a new Hobby : Many times it happen, that we admire things but cant do it , for some or other reason, if this is the case, buddy you need to gear up, cause this is the time, do what you wanted to do whole of your life. Do what you relatives or parent or friends stopped you from doing. You like photography get a new 50Mega Pixel camera and start cliking selfies, learn guitar, piano and be singer, start dancing classes, do blogging, learn cooking and enjoy tasty food of your own. No matter what you do, you will love and enjoy, other than carrying your wife's shopping bag full of kids diapers.
  • Start your own business, be it IT/Software or a shop, or a boutique, or a showroom, when you have so much of money left you can show middle finger to your manager and start with a new business where you don't have to work 9 - 5 for few coins. Enjoy being a owner and you will excel cause this is what you wanted. This is what you will pay attention and this is much better than wasting you time in meaning less fights with your wife, cause you forgot to bring onions to home.
  • Join gym, after marriage, most of people complain about not getting time. Household works will surround you and you will be abhimanyu inside a chakraviu who had no idea how to be free, and you will die inside that. So hit the gym and get those sexy 6 packs and start flirting with that sexy slim girl you always admired. Bet you will be more sexier, more awesome , more energetic next summers.

Don't worry you won't be single like this, there are many idiots like you, who choose to be free instead of getting tied to some worthless society rules. There are many....
  1. Here is on top of my list, this guy, from bangalore sold his 2BHK flat and land to go one a world tour. Now who is having guts like this, when you give up everything for your dream.
  2. Bharadwaj Dayala : I dont know if he is married or not, but he is first Indian to do world tour on a Indian Bike without any sponsors that also when he got bankrupted. Listen to his story here.
This world is full of inspiration, search and Google will return you list of hundreds legends who  became inspiration for everyone. It is never easy to go out of your comfort zone and achieve things. But once you do, your name will be in book of Achivers who went from their comfort zone and did what  they wanted to do...

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