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A small village in Karnataka full of huge rocks, ruins and boulders is what HAMPI seems to be on first look. But once you start exploring it, you will realize it was capital of Vijayanagar Empire where kings ruled once, and where they celebrated their glorious wins in the battles. Hampi ruins are much more than just broken palaces and destroyed city. You will find a link to Indian Mythology and stories you have been hearing since childhood.

Technically if you google Hampi you will know that it was city Viayanagar capital of Vijayanagara Empire from 1343 to 1565 reason being surrounded by Tungabhadra river from one side and magnificent hills from other three sides. Then it was raid by Deccan Muslim Confederacy.  You will find signs of attack on the ruins as many of sculptures are beheaded. And because this place is having so much of historical  and architectural significance, it is listed in   UNESCO World Heritage Site, listed as the Group of Monuments at Hampi.

As per Lonely Planet article, which describes Hampi beautifully:

Unreal and bewitching, the forlorn ruins of Hampi dot an unearthly landscape that will leave you spellbound the moment you cast your eyes on it. Heaps of giant boulders perch precariously over miles of undulating terrain, their rusty hues offset by jade-green palm groves, banana plantations and paddy fields. While it’s possible to see the ancient ruins and temples of this World Heritage Site in a day or two, this goes against Hampi’s relaxed grain. Plan on lingering for a while.

There are hundreds of ruins, which are really worth spending time, you can easily complete Hampi in a day or two but take time and enjoy the beauty of Hampi and try to understand the history behind it, as that is what makes this place so popular.

And guess what as per records Hampi receives annually 1.5 million visitors. Why not the entire area is covered with monuments and structures showcasing elaborate architecture. The huge stone structures bear testimony to the architectural perfection of the master craftsmen in the 14th century. Now if I start taking about each and every monument, I have to create a complete new website. But in short I can say you will find stunning temples, amazing monuments, ancient market place, royal platform and many more. And being the capital of an empire this city is surrounded by irrigation canal which connected everything Hampi had from palaces to temples to agricultural lands.

Some photographs:

“If dreams were made out of stone, it would be Hampi”
Reaching Hampi is a easy job with all kind of transportation facilty easily available, so now if you are searching for a holiday destination dont thing explore hampi and enjoy the cultural heritage of India.

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