Road Trip of 2000km from Pune to Hampi & Murudeshwar - Part 2

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Now that I reached Murudeshwar. Its time for me to start for Hampi. Mathematically 400km from, Murudeshwar, and according to my calculation I should be there by 11pm. But reality is always different, In search of shortcuts, I ended up in some jungle, 30km stretch. I was surrounded by darker jungle and riding on punny road. It was already evening and was getting more dark. And to make it worse, sky was covered by clouds. Like some horror movie, I was riding in a lonely road via a jungle with wind and horrifing sounds, leaves falling and rain.
My Camping spot day 2

Somehow I came out of that jungle and landed on a highway, relief as could see trucks, busses, cars, and now the rain increased. Found  a small shop, only thing i could see was a man sitting inside with a candle, went near to it,  kept , my bike in shade away from rain and waited till rain stop. I was one scary dark evening. And the destination was nowhere near. Rain stopped in few hrs and it was already 8pm and fuck I was again out of schedule. Due to the rain, weather got colder and I was literally shivering. Did not carried any anything except riding jacket, and who carries a winter jacket in month of April here in India. I cruised for hrs across dark night crossing the jungles, villages, people and the smell of tarmac due to rain.  Stopped for tea where ever I found shopes, to keep me awake. 

I was planning to reach Hampi by 11pm and I was still 300km away, so decided to take rest. Found a factory parking, near a village and pitch my tent...

Woke up morning 3am, and started for Hubuli, reached in 1hr and from there Hampi is straight road. It was a smooth journey, with no more hills and turns, only a straight road. Reached Hampi around 8am crossing Hospet a town before Hampi

virupaksha temple

virupaksha temple

To my astonishment whole place was like ruins, no big hotels, no restaurants only small shops and rooms and ruins. This city runs on tourists and on reaching Hampi I realized why it is so popular.
A photographers paradise and a place to learn about Indian Mythological history and culture. I got myself a room, kept all my gears n stuffs there and left for the tour.

By evening I was fully tired and had covered many places and cause of long ride and then roaming around Hampi. You wont find good food or non veg there as there were no good restaurants. Had some thing whatever I got and went to sleep after 3 days.

Next day it was all return journey, started 9am for back to home, with lots of stories and memories. From Hampi to Pune get direct road no problem and good road and I reached by 5pm with ample of breaks and rest. It was memorable trip 4 days, 2000km, 3 states what else you can ask for.


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