Lonavala has always been one of most popular weekend destination for Mumbaikar and Puneites. Not only in rain but throughout the year this place holds its charm attracting more and more tourists every year. If you start counting there are hell lots of place in lonavala and its surrounding place, being part of Western Ghats this place is nothing less than heaven in monsoon.

Starting from Tiger point, Amby valley, lohgad fort, sunset point and the list never ends.

Last weekend I got opportunity to visit Pawna Dam near to lonavala , it's already April and this place is still full of weekender. Pavana reservoir. The dam, constructed in 1972, is 1,329 m (4,360 ft) long and 42.37 m (139.0 ft) high, with a gross storage capacity of 30,500.00 km3 (7,317.34 cu mi).
This dam causes creation of Pavana River. The Pavana River is a notable river crossing the cities of Pimpri-Chinchwad and Pune in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The river originates south of Lonavala from the Western Ghats, and flows a total of nearly 60 kilometres (37 mi) to meet the Mula river in Pune.
Pavana River originates from the Western Ghats, about 6 km (3.7 mi) south of Lonavala. Flowing eastwards initially, it becomes southbound and passes through the suburbs of Dehu, Chinchwad, Pimpri and Dapodi before its confluence with the Mula river near Sangvi.

Pavana Lake is best place for camping and it is really popular for that. Surrounded by hills and green mountains this place is where you want to be after your
hectic schedule. As this place is near, you can start on Staurday noon, camp at night and return by Sunday noon. Lake is huge, there are many places where you can camp.
In case you want some safe place, there are resturants side of the lake providing camping ground and delecious food.
So what you are waiting for pack your tent and bagpack and head for awesome camping experience.

Things to pack :

  • 2 or 3 people tent
  • treaking shoes incase ur cant stop urself exploring this place.
  • Sleeping bag, as temp can go down to 10-15C in summers and 4-5C in winters
  • Snacks and tasty food in case ur camping solo.
  • mosquitoes repellant, hope you dnt want to come back with dengu :P
  • iPod
  • camera and battery u can do awesome landscape photography also if sky is clear u get chance to capture stars
  • Icard always carry to avoid any problems

Things to remember while setting up camp

  1.  there are resort who provide camping experience with all facility for people who are scared and still want to enjoy.
  2. If you are brave set up camp at some place dry and plane, not too close to lake. as water is cause of dam, can increase anytime.
  3. Dont even think of going to water if u dint know swimming, as this is hilly area there are chance of sudden increase of water level of mud.
  4. And Last but not least : stay safe and enjoy

Thanks n Cheers