5 points for first GOA trip

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So seems this if ur first trip to goa. Hmm.,..
Difficult situation...

1. Man ur going to goa, leave all ur jeans, grab lots of shorts and tees and some cool hats. For night carry some super hot leather jackets as they will help you grab attention of sexy girls at the titos, mamba or LPK. So goa is to coolof during day time and increase the hotness at night.

2. Make sure u have a camera, as u dnt want to miss out those awesome selfies and beautiful locations. Always carry extra batteries either it is a compact camera or a dslr. In case u a hobbistic photographer n have a tripod, leave it behind, i know u dnt want to carry extra luggage everywhere. Either have a monopod, in case want to have some beautiful evening n night photographs then carry the tripod.

3. Now if ur a biker. I would suggest do a road trip, it would be worth. The smooth highway and supercool amboli ghat will make u love and enjoy goa more. As petrol price is less compared to whole india, so u can fuel up ur bike and ride goa nook n cornor, its much easy and u can stay at one place as long as u want.

Or else come in a bus and hold a bike the one u like it ranges from 400 to 1500 and u get what u want. During peak season ie from Oct to March when tourists are more, every place u can get bike for rent, other season u can have problem, but not so difficult.

4.Goa is not only beaches, babes and beer. It is lot more than that. The beauty of real goa is in the culture and people. Once u start interacting with people you will start enjoying more.

5. Goa also have some awesome forts, parks, traills, rivers, waterfall, historical momuments to visit. So have a backpack tent and sleeping bag, to enjoy nature to its fullest.


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