So seems this if ur first trip to goa. Hmm.,..
Difficult situation...

1. Man ur going to goa, leave all ur jeans, grab lots of shorts and tees and some cool hats. For night carry some super hot leather jackets as they will help you grab attention of sexy girls at the titos, mamba or LPK. So goa is to coolof during day time and increase the hotness at night.

2. Make sure u have a camera, as u dnt want to miss out those awesome selfies and beautiful locations. Always carry extra batteries either it is a compact camera or a dslr. In case u a hobbistic photographer n have a tripod, leave it behind, i know u dnt want to carry extra luggage everywhere. Either have a monopod, in case want to have some beautiful evening n night photographs then carry the tripod.

3. Now if ur a biker. I would suggest do a road trip, it would be worth. The smooth highway and supercool amboli ghat will make u love and enjoy goa more. As petrol price is less compared to whole india, so u can fuel up ur bike and ride goa nook n cornor, its much easy and u can stay at one place as long as u want.

Or else come in a bus and hold a bike the one u like it ranges from 400 to 1500 and u get what u want. During peak season ie from Oct to March when tourists are more, every place u can get bike for rent, other season u can have problem, but not so difficult.

4.Goa is not only beaches, babes and beer. It is lot more than that. The beauty of real goa is in the culture and people. Once u start interacting with people you will start enjoying more.

5. Goa also have some awesome forts, parks, traills, rivers, waterfall, historical momuments to visit. So have a backpack tent and sleeping bag, to enjoy nature to its fullest.

 I remember how last year i came to IBW2014 after i got my first bike, as it was my first ride with few of unknown friends to GOA. I was like floating on clouds riding through beautiful n smooth highways and memorizing ghat section of Amboli Ghat. It was a complete new world and i enjoyed a lot.  and since then there was no turning back, I did lot of riding, offroading. Covered 3000km  from pune to bhubaneshwar...etc. "Thats enough of bragging... :)"

Of course, is there anything more you want to know? 

This time as dates of IBW came closer i started accommodating facts n figures which was suppose to decide my journey to IBW this year. But thanks to Ride Till I Die, they came like god for me, and due to photo contest i was able to get passes. "Excited...  ;-)"

The East Indian Express Read more stories about them @Ride Till I die

Prior to the event followed IBW twitter account and came to know it will be bigger n better, saw many excited tweets from different genre of riders.

Website was also updated with new design n photographs. I too had lots of expectations, compared to last year. But all these were just online melodramas. When  I reached the IBW venue it was crystal clear even from the cloud of dust. ''Disgusting..  :-S"

Tnt899 Benelli on display

This is the best bike of ibw modfied, Royal Enfiled with two 500cc engine, custom fitted and running.

Below are few points which I did want team #IBW should work upon:
  1.  Registration desk :  Last year it was decorated and arranged with shaded, also it was easy for riders as it was sunny, this time there was all torn out cloths hanging everywhere. It was even difficult to stand in queue. Sand, dust blown off by bikes plus the sun was making scenario terrible. Had to wait for 30min to get my self registered , dont know what too so long, but it seems except few no one else had any idea what going on. Everything was just scattered in side registration desk.Hope #ibw dnt want to piss of some real bikers.
  2. Ibw arena :  2015 offcourse it was bigger , but not better, and more confusing. In the dust n sea of bikes u will loose your self and u will loose track of important events. Every where some or other thing are happening, and to attend all the event you want , you need to have track of schedule all the time, which  #ibw did not provided. Also as per last year there was a big banner showing path and event schedule, but this year it was small, I saw it once, then dnt know where it disappeared.
  3. Food stall: "Are you fuckin kidding me, you a biker have beer why u need water or food." So basically there were lots of beer n drinks stall and over priced food. And worst part to have a water bottle of 50rs which original price is 20rs i had to buy  500rs token. F**k it. And please do not event think of trying anything outside arena , u will only end up having  polio, malaria and all sort of diseases. One of my friend fell sick last year. Better you ride to some near by restaurant  n have food peacefully. #ibw if u dnt want riders to have food remove those stalls and  use the for some thing meaningful.
  4. Music : Last year there was a single stage where all events, all music and every  main event was happening. This year 2 stages, one redbull bus, one small arena  by Benenli, every where something or other music being played, or some one is shouting. As as per #ibw website I think there were more than 20 artists lined up, god know where they went missing. I saw only one or two.

My Favorite place at #ibw15

Grant and Susan Johnson, Sharing there stories

So, after roaming all round arena clicking pics of bikes n babes I ended up in BIG TRIP CINEMA, the best thing about #ibw15, organized by MOTORCYCLE TRAVELER MEET, there were many well know riders who had ride whole world and many different places, countries, terrains creating legend. Loved the stories, experience they shared.
Other than that there was stunt champion ship which was eye catching, modified Harley Davidson, custom chopper class bikes. DSK Bellini  also grabbed chance to display new launches with some sexy girls sitting on them, posing for all camera holders.
So  u can enjoy looking at these bikes if not possible u will at least enjoy the beauties. Moreover #ibw15 was almost same as last year, nothing new or exciting which will let u stay in arena for 2 long days.  Yes if you want lots of photographs with #awesome, #costly #beautiful bikes, this is the place. Or else do not expect any thing more.

TIME for Photo stories
Registration desk, covered with sun and dust.

Entry to the Arena

AC hall, with few shops in it.

Dnt know who was he, but he was doing, some offroading in the arena and the track outside,

Bikini Wash, never able to find reason to have this?
Vespa section, insiring art

Time for Custom Bikes all round India

Modified version of RD350

This is a new event I saw from Mahindra Thar

Dabbang, from RJ Customs which again won this year

How can Benelli leave behind opportunity to show case the new model to 10000bikers

Sagar Sheldekar of Powerdrift
Customized version of HD750

Trimph 2500css bike, now this is what we say a touring machine

Best tee of the arena, I just loved it.

Coolest Number plate I have ever seen.

Awards and Recognition

Yes, GOA you can enjoy, have lots of beer at the beaches, enjoy see food, enjoy the awesome climate and chill.

My Helmet after ibw, and love for biking.