Pune OffRoading 2014

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How do you test your limits,
How do you know what you are capable of,
How you experience your life,
How do you feel when you achieve something unimaginable.

Pune off Roading Expedition was not any kind of race, neither it was any kind of journey, it was a test for your limits, test of how focused you are. It was test of your survival.
Happening near to most popular weekend trekking destination Singhagad and close to Panshet dam, it is one of its kind. Riders from all categories , tourers, racers, stunt masters, RE owners, Duke lovers, all gathered in the morning of 28 Aug 2014. There were few professional off roaders as well, with there modified off roading bikes. And the combination of riders from different genres made this event, so amazing. No djs, no cheer girls, no show off, its just plain old biking.
When I started for the event venue, i had no idea, what is going to happen. When i reached the venue there were already 30+ bikers waiting for the event to start. I registered for the event n got in the queue waiting for event to start. 8moto has organized the event in awesome way, with back up vehicle, medical kit n volunteers to help you out. As this was my first offroading event, i was bit scared.  With the flag off every one started. A 30 km of off roading which stretched from dark jungles, waterfalls, hill tops, rivers. As this was my first off roading i feel many times, as my speed was less, so did not got hurt. Slowly n steadily finally reached the final point, it was some where in between mountains  & freshwater river. Some pro riders were doing burnout in the river only as the water was only 1 or half feet. Everyone chiller there n after 1 hour we started back to the starting point again, n this time, as i was aware of the route fell less no of times. But the journey was so beautiful that u dont feel any pain. After 6hrs of riding finally completed the 60km of awesomeness, food was served at the end, and everyone literally jumped onto food. Enough of talking from my end, allow  my photographs do some talking
one of the participant trying to clear river


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