23rd Nov,

Was the day for IBW Chai Pakoda Ride- pune city. And the venue was a famous shopping complex - phoenix market city. 

Around 6.30 i reached the venue, already few riders were waiting for others n officials to arrive,  slowly riders started appearing, few biking clubs also came in troops TRC pune, Hawks..etc. many solo riders were also at the location. So around 7.15  members of IBW gathered all bikers n informed about the ride, they explained the route, location and about the ride.
Line Up Before the Ride


Now this is what I saw "Style"

Protection First

Organizing Team Member

It was a tri city meet of aurangabad, ahmednagar and pune, so a center location was chosen, which was 100 km from pune. Few of superbikers flew as if the distance will increase if they delay. The Hawks - a duke riders club also started in style, but they did not followed group riding rules, which i thought they would. Being part of TRC, we had to follow rules, all of our riders fully geared started in 2 files, lead by 2 main riders who were guiding us.  

At the venue.

Bumble Bee is here, wait for him to transform

A Red Transformer

The coolest Bike, Fully white n shiny Trimph

The route was approx 100 km covering mostly villages with no traffic lights, everyone entering from everywhere, but we managed to be in group n ride safely.
Venue was good, beside the highway easily accessible from all of three cities, and having enough parking space for 200+ bikers n super bikers. On reached we parked properly, as usual all superbikers were posing with their bikes , few with modified silencer were trying to win the loudest bike prize.  Out of blues, one of a biker started doing wheelie, stoppie in mid of high way, even when the organiser asked him to stop he did not, and how come watching a biker doing stunts stop other 199 doing same, but all followed the organizers request. But two of dukers went on doing stunts with out proper gears. Resulting he fell, but not injury. Finally after that no one performed any stunts n followed organizers request. Everyone had their tasty breakfast, few also brought IBW 2015 tickets. We had a huge selfie of 200 riders, enjoyed biking, brotherhood, took lots of photographs and returned.

Biking Event With Out Harley Davidson not possible

Overall an awesome experience, not like i heard abt Mumbai chapter of Chai Pakoda Ride. Everything organized in a proper manner with complete details and main focus was on safety.
How do you test your limits,
How do you know what you are capable of,
How you experience your life,
How do you feel when you achieve something unimaginable.

Pune off Roading Expedition was not any kind of race, neither it was any kind of journey, it was a test for your limits, test of how focused you are. It was test of your survival.
Happening near to most popular weekend trekking destination Singhagad and close to Panshet dam, it is one of its kind. Riders from all categories , tourers, racers, stunt masters, RE owners, Duke lovers, all gathered in the morning of 28 Aug 2014. There were few professional off roaders as well, with there modified off roading bikes. And the combination of riders from different genres made this event, so amazing. No djs, no cheer girls, no show off, its just plain old biking.
When I started for the event venue, i had no idea, what is going to happen. When i reached the venue there were already 30+ bikers waiting for the event to start. I registered for the event n got in the queue waiting for event to start. 8moto has organized the event in awesome way, with back up vehicle, medical kit n volunteers to help you out. As this was my first offroading event, i was bit scared.  With the flag off every one started. A 30 km of off roading which stretched from dark jungles, waterfalls, hill tops, rivers. As this was my first off roading i feel many times, as my speed was less, so did not got hurt. Slowly n steadily finally reached the final point, it was some where in between mountains  & freshwater river. Some pro riders were doing burnout in the river only as the water was only 1 or half feet. Everyone chiller there n after 1 hour we started back to the starting point again, n this time, as i was aware of the route fell less no of times. But the journey was so beautiful that u dont feel any pain. After 6hrs of riding finally completed the 60km of awesomeness, food was served at the end, and everyone literally jumped onto food. Enough of talking from my end, allow  my photographs do some talking
one of the participant trying to clear river

Hyderabad aka city of Nawabs standing on the pillars of  culture, tradition and lovely people of Hyderabad.

This city  is a combination of different colors and tradition of telegu and muslims. They all make hyderbad a different city you have ever seen. The city comprises of hindu temple resembling south indian architecture, hi-tech city with huge multistoried building for MNCs, charminar and different Salar Jung monuments. Hyderbad is a combination of all of these and this is the reason it is one of its kind.

This city also have its own famous taste buds  because of Irani Tea , Dum Biryani, Karachi Bakery biscuits and finally lovely south indian dosha. This is same as any other Indian city but in a different color.
There is lot to watch in this city, lot to listen, lot to travel ans  If you wish to visit you can travel any time in year, but winter is best as weather will be cool which makes travelling in city enjoyable.

Charminar, which resembles or symbolizes Hyderabad, still singing songs of  Glorious past of hyderbadi nawabs.  The Salar Jung measeum which is a tresure chest of precious historic moments and the culture which changed the face of hyderbad in the course of history

16th Jan, 2014 5:00 AM in the morning, packed my camera, changed the gears and started for Goa. Covering 500km from Pune, in approx 10hrs. This was my first road trip and I knew it was going to be awesome, as I was going Goa only to attend IBW 2014

On the way to GOA

Bike of World Record Holder : Vishnu Mehta

IBW 2014, registration counter

IBW 2014, which was happening for 2nd time, and no one can ignore the fact it is India's largest biking festivals. A two day biking festival which is festival for all biking lovers to be at one place, enjoy the awesome atmosphere of goa, enjoy the fun of riding, enjoy music with beer.
Bike in Vintage Bike Section

Indian Chief bike at Vintage Bike section

Batman at IBW Bike Build Off

Raju and Ganesh Customs

And when the festival started it not only captured the attention of all  bikers but also from people all round the world, when more than 1000 Harley Davidson bikes made a huge entrance.

Ghost Rider at IBW 

The best part of the festival was Biking legends Scott ReddingTed SimonNick Sander sharing there experience in biking and the record they had created.

Harley Davidson India Operation Director describing release of new model in India

shades of Hyderabad on Harley

The event was most exciting during MMX free style stunts where stunt master showed their skill  making everyone shout at top of their voice, Stunt zone also attracted huge crowd when stunt groups made their bike dance in a rhythm. Also Full Contact Championship made everyone go mad.

The festival was not only about Harley,it was about biking n bikers. Whole arena was decorated with different stalls which included vintage bikes, custom bikes, food stalls, shopping stalls and many more. It was like a heaven for a biker, as he can demonstrate the power of his bike whole day at loudest bike competition, and stunts at stunt arena, when he is tired in the evening, he could enjoy DJ playing awesome music with tasty food and beer at other hand.

Winner of Stunt Zone

Winner of IBW Bike Build Off

The whole journey was life changing, it helped me learn a lot about biking and passion each bike rider have.