If you want to witness the tradition of Karnataka and culture of Mysore, then hold your Mysore Dusherra Jumbo Sawari Procession is the thing which you are looking for.

Dressed in the colors of Mysore

It is just not any other procession, it is a combination of Karnataka culture, tradition, history .   And to watch this you'll find people booking their tickets many days in advance, even if you don't have any ticket you can watch it for free...only issue is that you have to do your sitting arrangement 5 hrs prior to the event to get a decent view of parade. This is done on the last day of navratri and to watch this Lakhs of people arrived. And i was also one of them.   Whole procession starts from Mysore palace around 2.00pm and continues till 5.00pm covering 5 km long path. And on both side of the road, seating arrangement was done, but still it gets overcrowded.  Here are few pics of Mysore Dusherra 2013.

There are thousands of people to witness such a spectacular show

Showing cultural tribal dance of Mysore

Dressed as "Ravana"

It is a spectacular show of tradition , culture and enjoyment

Procession is ended with Mysore King and Lord Chamundi Sawari on elephants.