Describing “Mumbai” from eyes of Poonawala.

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In the morning when I woke up it was like a normal weekend for me, waking late, enjoying tea in morning sunshine, but in few seconds there was a whole new twist when my friends decided to have a road trip to Mumbai.

“Common r u crazy.”  -  first thing which came to my mind.

Tiger Valley on our way to Mumbai

Badri nath temple

But when we changed grears for Mumbai in our bike it was a whole new experience. Enjoying cool weather after rain, beautiful green mountains, with colorful flowers shining bright in the morning sunlight. It was approximately 160km distance to reach Mumbai. When we started we had no idea where we will be going, where to stay, what to eat, only one thing we knew – it is going to be a blast.  Travelling in highway, stopping at frequent intervals to shoot photographs, have food, enjoy beautiful sceneries, and fuel refilling.  While travelling we went through the Tiger Valley, one of the most amazing places to visit if you are staying in Pune. On the way we came across lots of beautiful villages, temples, and people each expressing a new story.

“Yeh dil hai muskil jeena yahan,Hey hai Mumbai,
yeh hai Mumbai, yeh hai Mumbai meri jaaaaan……”

Night View of Gateway of India

Night view of Marine Drive

 Singing, shouting, boozing we reached Mumbai, and we headed towards marine drive. Asking for direction in every traffic and turn. Finally we reached the marine drive sheww….  We have seen marine drive in lots of movies but experiencing it live is totally different, you can feel the energy, happiness, excitement in the air itself. There are thousands of people and most of them were youngsters, trying to relax in the weekend sitting sea side enjoying the colors of dawn. When we realized we are lagging behind the time we started for Gateway of India, and when I reached there I realized why it is called as Taj Mahal of Mumbai, the city's top tourist attraction.  For a photographer, it is one of the best places to capture the real emotions of the city. Many different faces, many different culture, many different emotions at one place. In front was the Taj Hotel, facing to the endless Arabian Sea. In the night, City shine much more bright, as Mumbai is famous for its Night life. After refreshing we visited few of clubs and tasted this flavor of Mumbai too. And according to my experience it was amazing, lots of sweet girls, lots of dance, and lots of music. It was 3am in night when we went for the sleep. 

Pizza @Juhu Chowpati

@Juhu Chowpati

Lord Ganesh @ Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach

Next morning it was difficult for us to get up, but we started our journey again and went to Juhu Chowpati,  what a tasty  food,  spiecy, hot paw bhazi, biryani and ended with chilled golla. Wandered on the streets of Mumbai, experiencing, talking, chatting with Mumbaiya in there taporri language, it was really too funny, and in the evening we headed back to Pune crossing 160km again. 
Overall I can say, it was an awesome journey to Mumbai. Some said to understand Mumbai you need to stay there, and live life of a Mumbaiya. One or two day tour can never describe what Mumbai is and what it means for the people who spent there whole life in this vast city.


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