Celebrating Mysore Dusherra

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Mysore Palace Illumiated @ Night

Come October and whole India is in mood of festivals celebrating "navratri". This time I thought to celebrate navratri in different way, so packed my bag and went on a 3 day tour to Mysore.  

Near Railway Measeum

 The moment I reached Mysore, I knew this tour is going to be one of the most memorable tours. Whole Mysore city was shinning bright, celebrating & singing to the tunes of brotherhood and humanity. There was not a single place which was not decorated.   I had booked hotel in advance, it was nice n decent.   

Front of Palace

St. Philomena's Church, Mysore

Mysore Palace during day time

Mosque near to Mysore Palce

Decorated Mysore

There are lots of beautiful places in Mysore, which can’t be ignored; you will find many places, zoo, beautiful gardens...etc.   First we went to Brindavan garden, as it is best in evening time near the Cauvery dam. It is decorated with lots of colorful flowers, n water fountains which glow during night. The garden was clean n beautiful and in was able to witness musical fountain. It started around 6.30 and continued for 30minutes. So, if you go there you can spend a quality time in the garden, and you will get some good snacks also.

Brindavan Garden Dam View

Brindavan Garden during evening

Travelling anywhere in Mysore is too easy as you will get bus anytime from Mysore palace.   During dusherra lots of events keep on happening in and around the Mysore palace. You need to have a priority which events you want to attend. You can get details from Mysoredusherra website. After returning from brindan garden I went to the Mysore palace to attend evening shows. And to my astonishment I was able to watch Russian artists perform on patriotic Hindi songs. They sang, performed and made everyone dance. So finally after a long tiring day I went back to hotel.  

Chamundi Hill Temple

Hawkers seeling flowers @ Chamundi Hills

Next day after long planning, we went first to Chamundi hills. As it was Dashami  it was crowded, but thank god we got chance to have glimpse of lord Chamundi after standing 3hrs.  The temple is really beautiful, standing on top of chamundi hills. View of Mysore from top of hill is astonishing.   Then it was time for Mysorezoo which was 7km long. It was good as another zoo, with lots of animals, most important thing about zoo is you must know what is the correct timing to visit, cause if you go in wrong time most of animals will be sleeping i.e. during noon.   

Mysore Zoo

Mysore Zoo

Black Sawn @ Mysore Zoo
There are lots of palaces in Mysore, each with different history n culture. If you get time you must visit. But few are popular like Jagmohan palace which is a museum or you can say it’s an art gallery. Containing art n culture of Mysore n its rulers.   Like these there are many other places to visit. But due to lack of time I decided to visit only these and enjoy dushera possession which was going to happen on last day of navratri n watch torch light parade in evening.

Temple Illumitaed during night

Russian Artist performing 

Dance by a Russian artist
Torch light parade is one more thing which is worth watching for, this is happens in a huge Stadium, full with 1000s of people ,which happens in the evening , this time Karnataka Police organized some of the stunt shows on their bike, it was true show of bravery and  patriotism. And when you watch 1000s of police officers marching while holding torch light “mashal”, you will feel proud to be an Indian, the way they march and create structures are really amazing. The show also had a huge group of dancers from all round the India, dancing in synchronization on a single song but in their own dance form. In the end there was demonstration of firecrackers making sky illuminate.
During Mysore Dusherra Procession

Karnataka Police

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