In the Pursuit of Happiness travelling across India I reached Mumbai. Gateway of India, a place when you can find 1000s of emotions. And in between those of emotions I find the true meaning of Happiness. There was a 5yr old kid, who was jumping, running, dancing across the street to catch soap bubbles. Trying again and again, running from one place to another on his small naked legs just to catch one. And when he was able to catch one, the happiness on his face was indescribable.

He got his happiness, just by blowing a small soap bubble, but I am still in pursuit of my happiness. I can see myself in that kid running here n there to catch bubble of happiness getting blown by wind in the darkness.

When was the last time you tested your limits?
When was the last time you pushed yourself to the end?
When was the last time you explored the wildness in you?

If you have not done anything like this, then Mud Rush 2013 will make you do it and it will make you discover the beast inside you.

31 August 2013,

Mud Rush – Monsoon Edition came with more mud, more excitement, more obstacles, more energy, and I was read as ever with my Woodland shoes to crush the mud, break the obstacles, run through the fire and be a Mud Rusher. My whole event was sponsored by Woodland, and I feel lucky to be one, the woodland team was really amazing, as I got a Woodland tee shirt too, the team helped me a lot in getting through the registration process and attend the race.This time Mud Rush was organized at Pune, Jadavgard fort and the climate was also very good, there was a huge energetic crowd from Pune and Mumbai who made the event even more exciting. With the spirits of “Never Say Die" every one ran to be Mud Rusher, from small kids to elderly people, every one was singing to the tunes of MUUUD RUUUUSH, MUUD RUSH, MUUUD RUUUUSHHHH.

Race started with warm up exercise from the trainers of Gold Gym, and when the flag was set to green, nothing could have stopped the mud rusher from overcoming the obstacles. Tightening my Woodland shoes, I also became part of the madness. It was 6.5km race with 21 obstacles to test your limits, strength, endurance, power and above all will to overcome your fear. Started with uphill run till first obstacle slowed us, as we have to jump to the 3 feet mud, which could shallow you if you don’t come out in time.  Then it was time for song long jump, rock climbing, fire obstacle, mud trap and many more. When we completed half of the journey, we thought that the upcoming obstacles won’t be any more difficult. But in the mean time we were proved wrong, it was just the trailers of forthcoming obstacle. There was spider track where we need to cross the wall holding the rock and incase you fall, you end up entering to huge mud full pit. And if you cross it, then you have to enter a huge pipe and crawl the mud to cross it. There were many more different obstacles like sliding from top to the bottom, which was again covered with mud. It was like

"Screw Calm lets go Mental"

"Hell full of Mud"

The more you try to escape, more you get trapped in it, We had two options in our hand, either do it and create a history or leave the game be a history. We held our adventurous spirits high and continued to break the obstacles, the tougher was the obstacle, tougher we were getting and finally when we completed the journey it was an awesome experience. As if we had won World Cup and it was time to celebrate with Kingfisher. It was amazing journey, thanks to Woodland I am now an Extreme Explorer

In the evening everyone was welcomed with Sun down DJ party with loud music and bass making your feet dance and the fire show made everyone more excited even after such a long journey.
Whole day was really amazing the Jadhavgard fort, the adventurous tasks, the beautiful participants, the kingfisher beer, sundown party, everything was just superb.

It was one of the best kinds of Adventure sports I have done till now. One thing I would like to include in the end :

"To be a Woodland Extreme Explorer one needs courage, guts and never-say-die attitude."