Colors of Janmastami - Dahi Handi Celebration

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Dahi handi is like integral part of Maharastrian family, celebrated one day after Janmastami. I had been to many places in India, and seen many different kind of Janmastami celebration, and I can say it is must to watch for.Tousands and lakhs of devotees gathering at one place to watch making of Human pyramids and breaking an hung earthen pot filled with milk, curd, butter, fruits to celebrate the birth of the god Krishna.

Many groups which mainly consists of young crowd try to make human pyramid to reach the hanging earthen pot. This was my first time and I was too exited to watch this, I reached the spot on time as it was about to begin which extended 2 -3 hrs. Watching people coming in groups and forming the pyramid with loud music gives goose bumps. Every time a group tries people use to cheer them and  thank to god no one was injured, and DJ playing latest Bollywood tracks  making all the devotees dance to the tunes of Govinda. Overall it was an awesome experience, which made me inspire to be part of the Human Pyramid


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