Trip to Agra, Kanpur and Jaipur - Part 2

8th Feb 2013,

It was early morning when I reached Jaipur, it was somehow raining and climate was cold too. After getting fresh at my hotel I started my city tour in a Tour Bus with other 20 people. Tour operator was really funny the way he was describing everything, but it was good, as I was able to complete most of the major places in Jaipur in a single day without any problem and that also in time.

So we started with Birla Temple first.I have traveled many places, and seen many Birla Temples all over India, but every temple is unique and attractive as others, the best thing I liked about these temples is there is no restrictions regarding any religion, any one can visit.
Birla Temple, Jaipur

Temple is surrounded with beautiful hills and gardens and the weather that day was making it much more beautiful. 
In the morning light and rain drop temple is shinning bright.

We spent around half an hour, in the temple and then we continued our journey to the Albert Hall. It is considered as the oldest museum of Jaipur.  Even then it is so amazing, it contains so many historical monuments, mainly related to the history of Rajasthan. We can see the culture, traditions everything as well as the dress, weapons, etc used by Kings of Rajasthan. It was so huge that it need 1 day easily to go through each and every item properly.
Front Door of  Museum.
Now we started for the Jantar Mantar, to reach there we travelled from the old city and covered Hawa Mahal on the way, our tour operator was explaining the history related with it, but it was so beautiful  that I just forgot everything and got busy clicking snaps.

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur
While travelling in the old city, I came to know why it is called Pink city as all of the buildings were pink in color and it was really beautiful to watch it.

One of the entrance to Pink City, Jaipur

Shops, building colored in pink color.
And finally I reached Jantar Mantar, and if you are visiting it without any guide you will not understand any instrument, or else you need to buy a headphone kind of machine which describes everything and all the details, but it was little costly, as I had none I actually got bore over there.
One of the instrument of Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

When we left the place it was already noon when we left the place and started towards the Amer Fort. So we had our lunch, I was happy to have Rajasthani food for first time, few items were same, but food was really delicious.  
Rajasthani pagdi selling :)
And after travelling few more minutes I reached the Amer Fort, the palace was really amazing and huge, and covered with hills. The best thing in my journey was as the climate was good, so I was not getting tired and I enjoyed each and every moment.
From Top of Amert Fort

Inside the Amer Fort

The palace is really big and beautiful, and confusing also. Confusing because you can find many steps and corridors, doors, windows all look like same, and I got lost also in between, but some how I was able to come out of the fort in time. As it was getting dark so we started for the remaining place ie Jal Mahal. And when we arrived there, I was like "WoW", this is so amazing, a palace surrounded with water lake, which is surrounded with hills, that was really beautiful. 
Jal Mahal, Jaipur
There was a small garden around the lake, where we spent some quality time. The place was really good, as there was not much pollution or noise. And finally completing the journey we traveled through the old city again, and reached my hotel.

And with this I completed my half of  journey. I was really very tired after traveling so many places, and I came to my hotel and had beautiful dreams, cause I had to leave neat day early to attend my friends marriage, as I was again excited for that also.

My journey extended 2-3 days more where I enjoyed gazar ka halwa, rajathani marriage, beautiful weather. everything. And on 10 Feb 2013,  I started back to pune, when I was waiting for my train  I was totally not interested to go back, i was feeling like staying few more days and enjoy more.


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