"There are many moments in our life which we cant or actually speaking never forget."

And my trip was almost like this only. The main reason was to attend my friends wedding, so I planned this trip to visit Agra, Kanpur and Jaipur. Before starting the journey I had no idea it was going to be so exciting. It was really a long journey that also in month of February, ohhhhh...it so cold.

2nd Feb,
I packed my bag and camera and started the journey, reached Panvel Station at around 12.00am in morning waiting for my train to Agra, winter cold night with lots of fog covering the tracks, which was scheduled to arrive around 6.00am in morning. Oh God six hours, in station that also alone. Some how time went listening to  "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". And finally my train arrived in morning. One thing I can surely say, I am travelling in train since my childhood, but I never get tired of it. 

3rd Feb,
Time is morning 5.30am and I am at Agra station, it was too cold, that even in my jackets on I was shivering,  and I could barely see any thing.

me sitting in autorickshaw covered inside blanket...

I hired one autorickshaw and started toward Fathepur - Sikhri, one of the best place to see in Agra. The best thing I was enjoying was the extreme cold climate, the fog, the new place, new people, everything. So I reached Fathepur sikhri around 9.00am in the morning, and I could still see fog covering the main entrance. But the place was really awesome, beautiful architecture and design on the walls. Like other architectural buildings in India this is also related with lots of stories and legends related to The Great Akbar.  The Dargha, mosque every thing was beautiful.
side view

main entrance of Fathepur Sikhri
When I came out, I came to know that there is a Jodha Bai's Palace aka Mariam uz-Zamani  just near by. So I went there also, this place is famous cause first wife of Akbar use to come to this palace and spend lots of time. And I was really astonished to see the palace, as this was the first I am visiting any palace, the beauty was un-describable. And it was also well maintained by govt of India. As I visited both place in morning and it was too foggy, there were not many tourists. 
a view of palace covered in fog

 At around 12.00pm  I left the place and went to visit Red fort of Agra. All the places I visited were almost same in color as well as in design and architecture as they all are related to Mugal Era. Red fort is another huge palace from where the Kings use to  rule  on whole city. 
Entrance to Red Fort

Main Palace

I was really tired a lot after visiting whole fort, as it was huge and I started feeling hot also as sun was shining bright, but one of most important thing left  Taj Mahal. If you are coming to Agra and not visiting Taj then its really a waste. So I decided to go there, and guess what, at the ticket counter it was too crowded and I stood in the que for around another  half an hour, and I finally I got  chance to enter inside. And once I entered I just forgot all the pain and trouble I had, cause the beauty of Taj was really amazing it was shinning bright like a diamond.  What ever I heard about Taj was really true, I have seen thousands of pictures of taj, but when I look it with my naked eyes, I was like "This is one of the most beautiful thing I ever saw". 

Entrance to Taj Mahal,

One of the two mosques 
I was there for around 2-3 hrs approx and whole time I was just looking at the beauty standing at front of me shinning bright on the sand of time. I was really not feeling like leaving that place, but had to and with this I ended my agra tour. In evening I went to the Red fort again to watch music and light show. It was good, as they explained all the history I read in my school life with sound and light, it was amazing. And finally I reached my hotel and spend all night looking at the photographs I captured.