Here comes  the end of another beautiful year.
This year was really very tough for me professionally and personally, many things happened, many things changes.
Went through lots of tough times and also most memorable moments of my life.
With lots of love and sadness here comes the end of another beautiful year.

Day 1 was most beautiful, that I still remember every single second of it.
But light and dark walks side by side, and this time darkness covered most of the remaining days.
Whenever I tried to find the small light of hope some where in that darkness,
I will fall again with lots of pain.
Tears covered my eyes many times, but I stood with smile.

And one day I found the new rising sun,
a new place, a new job, new friends, new hope,
new life, every thing was so beautiful.
Like a small butterfly life again went to a smooth path,
with lots of color, lots of happiness.

Whole year was running on the same cycle, some time making me too happy,
and sometime hurting most.
But that is what makes me feel alive, make me fee happy.

Now when I am on verge of starting my new year, I can only wish,
I am able to stand when the darkness falls,
I am able to smile when I am surrounded with clouds of tears.
I am able to keep that hope alive which will bring the sunshine to my life again.