Inside the Lights of Loneliness - 2

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Sunday morning,

                When whole city is enjoying the cold morning weather, when every kid around is waking up early to start for his play ground, when the elderly people are enjoying t he newspaper with cup of tea. When whole India is gearing up for weekend to enjoy it to full.

I am sitting at my office cabin front of my computer screen gazing up to the fan above. Wondering what you are doing now. Thinking about those moments which left me alone here, the second I leave you in railway station, without even thinking once what I will do without them, what my life would be without those moments, with whom I will stay here.

It’s only been few weeks you went, but why is that I feel so much lonely here, why is that I can’t think about anything else, why is that I keep looking at my cell phone wondering if you would ever call me. Wondering if you ever miss me.

When you were around me. I never realized the happiness I shared with you. Since the first day I meet….It was so different, it was so amazing. Every moment always brings so  energy when you were around. Even if you get angry on me and stopped talking to me. I never missed your smile, because I knew one day or other you will be again in my arms. Why is that the more I try to forget you the more I remember those days? Your every single picture brings tears on my eyes, the more I try to avoid you, the more I want to get back to you. More I try to get busy in my work. More I wish you were here, sitting beside me talking the way you do. I don’t know why but I want you back. I want those moments back, I want those happiness back, if you want to go away from me then go, but please return those moments you are taking with you.

That was the only beautiful thing I had in my life, please return that don’t take it away. You can’t realize how it’s difficult to live without them. You can realize how much lonely I am here now, getting drowned into the deep sea of darkness. Getting pulled towards the loneliness .Sadness which never had touched me, is now waiting for me to fall into it. I never knew if I will get you back, I never knew if i will get those moments back to my life. I don’t know the moments which are now only dream for me will ever come to reality. But I wish to get them back, I wish I get that moment back where I was sitting with you holding your hands. I wish I get that time back where I am waiting for you to come. I wish to get the time back when I was lying on your lap. I wish I get that day back when you use to shouting on me. 

I wish I get you back.

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