Here comes  the end of another beautiful year.
This year was really very tough for me professionally and personally, many things happened, many things changes.
Went through lots of tough times and also most memorable moments of my life.
With lots of love and sadness here comes the end of another beautiful year.

Day 1 was most beautiful, that I still remember every single second of it.
But light and dark walks side by side, and this time darkness covered most of the remaining days.
Whenever I tried to find the small light of hope some where in that darkness,
I will fall again with lots of pain.
Tears covered my eyes many times, but I stood with smile.

And one day I found the new rising sun,
a new place, a new job, new friends, new hope,
new life, every thing was so beautiful.
Like a small butterfly life again went to a smooth path,
with lots of color, lots of happiness.

Whole year was running on the same cycle, some time making me too happy,
and sometime hurting most.
But that is what makes me feel alive, make me fee happy.

Now when I am on verge of starting my new year, I can only wish,
I am able to stand when the darkness falls,
I am able to smile when I am surrounded with clouds of tears.
I am able to keep that hope alive which will bring the sunshine to my life again.
14 July,
After a long time I got chance to go on adventure trip to Bhor,  Pune and that also with my office colleagues. And guess what it was awesome experience, when we started in the morning climate was beautiful and easy with few clouds.
Travelling through the mountains, rivers when we reached there excitement was off the roof, with so many rides, water dance, rock climbing, rappelling, the place was best.

here are some pics:


Sunday morning,

                When whole city is enjoying the cold morning weather, when every kid around is waking up early to start for his play ground, when the elderly people are enjoying t he newspaper with cup of tea. When whole India is gearing up for weekend to enjoy it to full.

I am sitting at my office cabin front of my computer screen gazing up to the fan above. Wondering what you are doing now. Thinking about those moments which left me alone here, the second I leave you in railway station, without even thinking once what I will do without them, what my life would be without those moments, with whom I will stay here.

It’s only been few weeks you went, but why is that I feel so much lonely here, why is that I can’t think about anything else, why is that I keep looking at my cell phone wondering if you would ever call me. Wondering if you ever miss me.

When you were around me. I never realized the happiness I shared with you. Since the first day I meet….It was so different, it was so amazing. Every moment always brings so  energy when you were around. Even if you get angry on me and stopped talking to me. I never missed your smile, because I knew one day or other you will be again in my arms. Why is that the more I try to forget you the more I remember those days? Your every single picture brings tears on my eyes, the more I try to avoid you, the more I want to get back to you. More I try to get busy in my work. More I wish you were here, sitting beside me talking the way you do. I don’t know why but I want you back. I want those moments back, I want those happiness back, if you want to go away from me then go, but please return those moments you are taking with you.

That was the only beautiful thing I had in my life, please return that don’t take it away. You can’t realize how it’s difficult to live without them. You can realize how much lonely I am here now, getting drowned into the deep sea of darkness. Getting pulled towards the loneliness .Sadness which never had touched me, is now waiting for me to fall into it. I never knew if I will get you back, I never knew if i will get those moments back to my life. I don’t know the moments which are now only dream for me will ever come to reality. But I wish to get them back, I wish I get that moment back where I was sitting with you holding your hands. I wish I get that time back where I am waiting for you to come. I wish to get the time back when I was lying on your lap. I wish I get that day back when you use to shouting on me. 

I wish I get you back.

1 Jan 2011,

"It’s already more than 6 months I am here in Hyderabad. And still I am in search of someone to share, someone to be my friend. Today whole world is enjoying the New Year with their loved and dear ones, i called my home 2-3 times since last night wishing my parents New Year, but some where I still feel lonely. Why do we have Sundays? I don’t need Sunday, it makes me sad, make me miss my friends in
college, make me miss the dosha and cakes my mom use to prepare at home in the new year
morning. Most of days I try to keep myself busy with work to avoid missing all of them, but how long."

on trip with my parent to "Lord Hamuman" Temple in Orrisa

And with that I started my new year of 2011, no one around to smile with me, to talk with me, only thing I have is a hope to get a good job soon so that I can bring my parent  to my home and stay with them. I never knew my days will change so early.  Soon in the 2 week I got a gift from CEO of my company a "REEBOK" watch, it was the best feeling, he calling my name and gifting me the watch in front of all. Everyone was eager to see the gift I got. And after few days I meet one girl from my office, not so beautiful, not so attractive. But cute enough to make u smile with her. The days passed with her like wind. My schedule was still same going to office, working, talking to her little and come home nothing new. Months passed I don’t know when, but I was in middle of July. Hmm summer was near to end or started I have no clue, but rain has already started showing its magic in Hyderabad. And that was the time I felt something special for first time in life. The drop of water, cold air, and the smell of her hair everything all at one time made me skip my heart beat. Wow "I was in love". Days passed talking to her, teasing her. I travelled so many places in Hyderabad with her from Charminar to Hitech city ...and now I always eagerly wait for Sundays to come. Every Sunday it seems new to me.

Celebrating Durga Puja with my parents

A design of diyas and flowers for "
Lord Shiva"
me at Osman Sagar Lake
I knew I have to come out of this one so soon this also got over. And then came the winter, and after working for 1 n 1/2 year for first time I got some thing for me, that’s my Digital camera on the eve of Diwali, I spend much of time taking some random pics and again deleting them and again changing the camera settings. The camera fever continued for more than a month and then it’s time to click something good .After coming to Hyderabad I did something so exciting. A Marathon race organized by State Bank of Hyderabad. 10km run with thousands of people shouting, laughing, running, playing it was nice experience. I was running alone but I manage to complete my race in time and was able to capture some nice memories in my camera. After this I went on a tour to historical place called “Qutub Sahi tomb” and some other place.  And my year ended like this.

a trip to Budhha statue at Hyderabad

Colors of Hyderabad from my Camera

People enjoying in marathon race

on a performace of Jasbir Jassi at Qutub Sahi tomb

1 Jan 2012,

Wow, I never thought that I could have a start like this, today I went on trip to “Ramoji Film City” after visiting temple and all. The most amazing place you can see in Hyderabad. What I am excited is that hope this year will be also good as first day full of enjoyment, excitement and success.  2011 went like nothing, no good not much bad, but it taught me many lessons. Many times we don’t get what we want, and sometimes we will get something we have never expected, the only thing which matters is to have a faith and hope of happiness within your heart which keeps you going in all the situations.
A small santa doll captured from my camera

watching live performance on  the day of new year 2012