One of the most famous and must see place at Hyderabad for the visitors. Standing tall with proud and shine providing Hyderabad a tag of honour.
First tomb while entering

top of the tomb 

Sun set adding beauty to the tombs

Thanks & Regards
Amrit Mishra

Few days before while browsing in You Tube I found one video which was based on "Kolkatta". I should say an creative video rather cause it was just not  any other video, but it was combination of art, culture and beauty of "Kolkatta" reminding me of my school days. Each and every thing of that place was so awesome that you will simple dall in the love with that place.
the beauty of Howrah bridge at night

if you visit Kolkatta then dont miss this one

the pride and honor of Kolkatta

As my father is in indian army so I have travelled a lots of places, but this was the only place I liked most. It is not much different from any other city, but still the magic of that place will make you fall for it . :)