When I reached Peoples plaza near necklace road at 6.20 am it was still little dark as it was winter morning and it was cloudy whether, but the place was already crowded with participants all over Hyderabad. And soon the show started with some magicians performing tricks, some dace moves, some songs..and fun.

one event in which I participated

magicians with their tricks

HYD divas with hot dance movs

The place was full of people of different ages, & mostly software techies with there girl friends..(wish i also had one). But I rather enjoyed watching there girls in shorts(wish I had camera in my eyes). Even though I was alone..i enjoyed a lot, whole place was so energitic that it wont let u feel bored. Soon after  I reached the main event of marathon ,"International race" got finished and i was able to got a click of the winner.

And here comes the winner

Around 8.00am my race event "Fun Run" started. This was open run with no prizes, here any one can participate with there respective slogan or with out any slogan..and this made me join it. All ages with different slogans came there, some holding hording to avoid plastic, some shouting on top of there voice about there organisation, some came in groups to only have fun. Every one there was excited to run...
And then
Run Hyderabad Run!

some school kids

A dance group with their energetic dance

A true indian

And all started running only for 1 min ...as this was 10km long marathon and no one in this category was professional runner so all started walking. some time running, shoting, some time dancing. At some place the organizing committee has provided refreshment counters. It was good, what I liked most is the available of bands to creer the runners, even though the band was small, but people enjoyed the song they play , and some started dancing. After 1 hour long walk i completed my marathon, may be in some 1000s ranks. But it was fun. and at the end we got refreshments and thanks from the Vj who was going anchoring of the marathon.

its time for me to start run

Overall, my first marathon race was awesome. Hoping to participate next time also.