but I wish... I could make u mine

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u know...today when u came to me...
u r looking so beautiful...
so natural...
that I was unable to take my eyes of u

and whole way i was thinking about u
wishing for some thing..

wishing if u could be mine forever
wishing if  i could hold u in my arms forever
wishing if u laugh with me like u did today for ever

when u hold my hands while walking on the streets...
it just make me one of the most happiest.. but again 

I wish if I could hold ur hands like this for ever
wish I can see that lovely smile every day when I woke up

Every day I meet u...
every day  I spend so much time with u...
but next day when I come again 
I feel so happy to see u..

but again a sadness surrounds me.

ur not mine..
this time will fade away 
and may be I wont get these lovely moments ever.

but I really wish ....
I could make u mine.


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