25 Oct 2011,

Its been so long you have gone, 
its been so long I have seen you,
its been so long I have been waiting for you...

But with every passing day, 
I am getting more eager to meet u, 
more eager to talk to you, 
more eager to see u. 

In the darkness of  Diwali where I can see the decorated shops, 
where I can see children playing crackers,
the only thing that comes to my mind is you...

Wish you are here to sit besides me  in this loneliness, 
wish you are here to share my happiness,
wish you are here to sleep putting your head n my shoulders.

I can just imagin the day when u will return...how will I welcome you. 
should I run to you I hold you tight in my arms, 
or should I surprise you coming from behind.
I can just imagine when I will show you my new camera what u will say.
 may be you will get surprised, 
or may be you will be so happy or may be you will force me to take photographs of you. 

Wish you are here,
to help me out to decorate these gowing candles in our corridor, 
to decorate the lighting I have brought for this Diwali
I can just imagine how will you, 
when I give u the sparkling cracker to you, will you get scared 
or will you just smile....will you shout at me...or play with me.  

Each & every where I see people smile & laughing, each & every where I see people busy with there loved ones shopping for Diwali. The market, office, roads, shopping malls all are crowded with people but I still feel lonely in this crowed. None of these lights are able to remove the darkness surrounding me. No one is able to bring me out from the well of loneliness I am staying in. 

But a small hope, a small candle burning inside me of your return keep me awake, keeps me prepared, keeps me ready for the day you will return. Hope to see your smile again, make me go one & wait for the day when you will be front of me holding my hands and smiling with me.....
Bye tc
Miss you. 

u know...today when u came to me...
u r looking so beautiful...
so natural...
that I was unable to take my eyes of u

and whole way i was thinking about u
wishing for some thing..

wishing if u could be mine forever
wishing if  i could hold u in my arms forever
wishing if u laugh with me like u did today for ever

when u hold my hands while walking on the streets...
it just make me one of the most happiest.. but again 

I wish if I could hold ur hands like this for ever
wish I can see that lovely smile every day when I woke up

Every day I meet u...
every day  I spend so much time with u...
but next day when I come again 
I feel so happy to see u..

but again a sadness surrounds me.

ur not mine..
this time will fade away 
and may be I wont get these lovely moments ever.

but I really wish ....
I could make u mine.