One More Time...

Please dear...

Dont say good bye..
Its really hard to see u cry
I just want to see u smile.

But if u want to go...
then i just want u to say...
One more time...I miss u.
One more time...I need u.
One more time...I love u.  "

Will remember those days of love we spent together.
Will think those nights of happiness we spent together.
But still I want to hear you say...
One more time ... I wanna hold u.
One more time ...I wanna kiss u.
One more time...I wanna see u.   "

May be with time you will forget me,
May be with time all the memories will fade aways
May be with time this rose will die.

even in the storms
even in the sands
even in cold nights
even in dark loneliness
this light of your love will always glow....


  1. thanks.. u surely have watched the video... this video is so nice. this will make you miss ur loved one a lot.