Beauty of Ganesh Puja

1st September,

A day after celebrating Ramzan at Charminar with the delicious meals including Chicken and Seemai. We are here to celebrate most awaited festival of INDIAN culture "the Ganesh Chaturthi". 

Charminar at Hyderabad

Mosque surrounded by hawkers
What makes this festival most popular in INDIA is the beauty of the God it is related with, the delicious food, sweets  and the way we use to decorate our home with flowers and other stuffs. Above all is the happiness it brings to each and everyone's life be it a small 7 year kid asking for toys from its parents or the young men and women taking responsibility to make the celebration memorable. 

a design on my friend's hand
I spent  whole day with one of my sweetest friend going from one temple to another standing in queue to have a view of God, enjoying the taste of sweets and other different types of foods. The whole experience was amazing.

Lord Ganesh being taken to pandal

Small idols being sold

a hawker selling the flowers to devotees
Each and everything related with this festival is superb and this make all the devotees to wait for the same day till next year.


  1. Ah, I am missing India now. This festival season is so beautiful, life is so cheerful during this time...

  2. @Saru singhal...yes its real awesome here...