Art & Craft Village - Shilparama, Hyderabad

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India is always known due to its beauty which comprises our culture, heritage, our people, our pasts, the way of living...every thing is totally different. In each corner you will find something different which make my INDIA as a "GOLDEN BIRD".

Art & Craft Village at Shilparama, Hyderabad. Shows a view of Indian Villages, their people, their activities in such a beautiful manner, that this place has become one of the most famous picnic spot in Hyderabad. I also had a small picnic with my friend. Just a few minutes rides in local buses and we reached our destination.
Here are few click which I have taken:
(In one second you may feel they are real..but they are not. )

Stone Art

Some school kids in picnic

Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati 

Stone Arts


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