14th August 2011,

Today's date is little different. No..nothing special. Its just that we are going to celebrate our 64th INDEPENDENCE DAY tomorrow. 
I do still remember my childhood when I was still in my sleep and I hear my mom waking me up to watch our Hon'ble Prime Minister hoisting  our national flag with the music of  National Anthem & the synchronised  sounds of drums &  flute made by all those tiny army personals visible inside the TV. The energy and patriotism with that song make my sleep disappear in seconds and I feel more energetic than ever to challenge evenyone standing on my way.

Those days  I was crazy about the celebration of this sepcial day. There were many things which make me love 15 Aug, the sweets we use to get from school, the army parade saluting our national flag, the patriotic movies and songs played whole day in our national TV. And the best one of them is my father dress code which he use to wear on that day. The khakki color dress, with stars on his shoulder, with dark big shoes, red color scarf on his neck and a small tricolor flag on left of his shirt pocket. All these use to make me feel so energetic that I use to pick up my gun and  start playing below my bed. As if I am in a war with thousands of enemies try to capture my country and I am the only one left to fight with them. Trying hard to save my team mates by kill most of the enemies and become a hero in the end....

All these are 20 year back, even now eventhing is same and I am still in that same gun game, but the only difference is that now I am fighting for my freedom instead of those imaginative enemies. Its more that half a decade to our Independence but I could rarely feel it now. Even thought Govt of India has given us full liberty to put our views in front, but every time I do this, I get a strong opositions from the system who claim "We are free".

Since the day I understood the meaning of freedom I realised I am still a part of the life long war , from my school days to college. Each and everywhere I find me and my freedom  fighting with the system, everytime loosing, everytime surrendering in front of them sometime for shake of my friends, some time for my people and some time for myself. And know I feel I am sort of ammunition.  And the only option left is to live a life of slave. 

With every passing year, I am falling more and more deep to the well, never knowing how n when can I return ...
Search of My Freedom

This song is dedicated to that sweet smile which had made my days so beautiful. Every second with her is so amazing that

I just can't let you go....

If I had one single wish,
I'd go back to The moment I kissed
You goodbye No mater how hard I try
I can't live Without you in my life...

Maybe you'll say, You still want me
Maybe you'll say ,That you don't
Maybe we said ,It was over
But baby ,I can't let you go

I walk around ,Trying to understand
Where we went wrong ,And I can't pretend
It wasn't me ,And it wasn't you
But I'm convinced ,We gave up too soon

Maybe you'll say ,You still want me
Maybe you'll say ,That you don't ........
Maybe we said ,It was over
But baby ,I can't let you go......

Nothing left to lose ,After losing you
There's nothing ,I can't take
When I run to you ,When I come for you
Don't tell me ,I'm too late.........

Maybe you'll say ,You still want me
Maybe you'll say ,That you don't
Maybe we said ,It was over
But baby ,I can't let you go

Can't let you go
Can't let you go....