“The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.” - Part 1

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19 July 2010,

I don't know how the time passed…365 days and its not a small time… Morning 8 to evening 8 and still have not enough causing me to appear at same place at right time again next day.

When I came to Hyderabad, i better consider saying it as my 7th home. Oh yes cause I had travelled a lot through out my life from once place to another, each time with new friends, new school, new place, new culture, new language and best part was where ever I go..I always fall for all the best looking girl of my school. But this time i knew it is going to be whole new experience. The moment I stepped out of the station platform,

"So this is it, where I need to stand up of my own… No help nothing. Its just me n me…."

With the enthu of new place, new kind of people everything seems new...it was kind of weired. Soon we reached our rent house which we have already booked before coming to hyderabad. That evening was spent cleaning the room and we went to bed tired of 24 hrs long journey.

And the next day the real battle began, "The Battle of Job"...But where is my armour & sword, how I am supposed to win the battle without them. Actually I was busy making my new resume & collecting all the certificates. As I was having interview...me with my friend Rahul & Sushrut managed to reach the destination in time..
After few minutes I heard my name being announced for the interview with the manager of the company. I dont remember the name but it was so odd for a Software Company.

Manager: So, can I have ur introduction...
(me: what the hell..again the same crap question...im sick n tired of this one...cant they get something new .....)
me: Sir, I am..........................

After 15 min, I came out of the room. Both of my friends looking with there eyes & mouths wide open....as if I got chirag kind of thing..which I am goin to rub & they will get selected....Then suddenly..

Rahul : Abe sale bata kya pucha...?
Sushrut : Abe dekh be yahan ke HR kya mast hai....kash yahin job mil jae...
Rahul: Ruck sala...

After my explaination both got ready for there chance...This same thing continued over many days...Every day morning we start from our room going from compnay to company in search of jobs, attending interview, written test, sometime only looking going to see if compnay really exists. And at the end in evening when we use to return everyday we use to get so many topics ranging from interviews to beautiful girls if we get lucky enough to see one and all sorts of things....all of these was really amazing... And on sundays as most of companies were closed so we went to explore the new city.
And after 1 year I can say this city is really awesome in its own way. Take it the cultural heritages like some museums or forts for which Hyderabad was famous for and Char Minar. This place is really filled with diversity. What I liked most is the way the south indian girls use to dress with flower garland attached to there ponytail. You can find muslim girls covered entirely in there burkha. And the hot girls too whom u can rarely see anything hidden. All was so good. We went to shopping malls, parks & many different places & enjoyed when ever we get time & money to spare.

After some days I got my job in a software company and when I got my first salary in my account I was so happy..i jumped all over my room after returning from office. I gave Biryani & cold drink treat to my friends..that was my first earning. Even though the count of zeros in my salary was very less but that small amount really satisfied me. Working 9 hrs continuous for 30 days. Not a single sec to for a nap...

With the passing time my friends also got job & all of us were now busy with there own work. Returning at night after exhausting & sleeping... & Sundays also was not like the previous time enjoying whole day. Now Sundays were the only days to take rest and get ready for another packing week. Slowly I also got mixed up with this busy schedule.....Now when i use to travel 1n1/2 hr to my office I get time for my self. And in those moments I use to get lost in my college days surrounded with my friends with so much of fun, enjoyment, energy. But now it seems so quite only the noise of horn wakes me up. Now a days even the hoildays make no difference to me. All use to look same busy in the race of life. Like this 6 months passed....


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