First Rose to My.... (Part 2)

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Oh!!! its already 9 PM i must go now or it will get late & I wont be able to meet her. You all must be thinking who is this one now...she is that same girl about whom I have described in First Rose to My.... (Part 1).

Yes we are very close friends now spending lots of time with each other. After my working hours I use to drop to her hostel which is hardly 20 minutes by walk but it takes us 2 hrs to reach there. Walking side by side and sharing my whole day with her. Even though it takes us so long but i was never tired when I am with her. And every day when she reaches hostel it was very hard for both of us to say goodbye. But this is not everything we use to share.. we had fight many times cause of silly things but we use to sort that out within no time. And some time it takes days to solve the fight. But whatever use to happen those moments were simply awesome consider it our fight or long hours of try to make other one smile. And after all these what i realized is that love and friendship is not just "Hi-Hello" its is combination of so many different feelings that make it special for us. I am with her since last 6 months and we had fight for more than 6-7 times.

But this time its been a week I have heard her sweet voice. Yes we again had a fight and a big one . I don't know how I was able to stay away from her so many days cause there was hardly any days when we don't meet and now its is in my daily schedule. After long working hours when I use to meet her in evening her lovely smile just make all the tension and tiredness disappear.

Her glossy shining eyes make her smile more attractive. I was simply addicted to her. Some time it was local chatwallas or chowmin parlor and some time it was ice-cream restaurants that made us spend so much time with each other. But our favorite place was bus stop. Yes it was the best. It was close to her hostel and in evening time that was best place where we can sit for long without being disturbed by any else cause no one use to come there during evening. Even though it was present road side I have rarely seen that place crowded. The dim street light and cold breeze of wind adds beauty to that place. Some time we use to make comments and laugh on the people passing front of us some time laughing on the silly jokes.

But these seven days I missed all of these I missed talking to her, I missed laughing with her, I missed those long hours of talk at our favorite place. And may be all these are the reason why I am here today waiting in front of her hostel to come. With every passing second I am just getting more rest less. be continued.

First Rose to My...(final episode).


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