First Rose to My.... (final episode)

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Shew!!! at last mission accomplished. Now I am on the bus way to my room. The wind blowing from the window of bus making me think about her again and again.Ya she came and I meet her also… I don't know why but she was looking so beautiful.

She came out of her hostel after few minutes wearing a loose night dress making her look so cute and beautiful than ever. And I was like "Holly S…." with my eyes wide open looking at her. In that chocolate colored dress she was like a small cute kid with a sweet smile on her face which was visible in her little eyes also. That was the first time when I was blushing in front of any girl. Then with her innocent voice she asked me "abhi take ghussa ho?"(are you still angry on me?). The ways she asked, the feelings attached with every single letter, the depth preset in her voice was so smoothing that it touched my heart. Actually I have never been so much emotional in my life and those few minutes she was in front of me made me feel…..

At that time I was in a huge debate, what to say to her? which resulted in a battle between my brain and my heart. I was feeling as if both would come out of my body shouting at each other.

Brain: " you fool… you should not be present here"
Heart : "what can I do? I missed her so much"
Brain: "but what about your dignity and pride"
Heart: "Shut up!"
Brain : " you will give rose to her saying what???"
Heart: "I don't know, why don't you write some code or logic and tell me the answer"
And after 2-3 minutes of silence i took out the ROSE from my bag which I have brought for her in morning. When I brought that rose it was so pure as the deep red color was shining in morning light so brightly and small water drops on the leaves was making that one look beautiful. That time I realized why do girls love if some one gift them flowers. Hope that work for my friend also. After 12 hrs I managed to keep that flower in shape, till that time it was not looking the way it was in morning…but that was enough to brought a smile on her face when I gave to her. Her smile was not alone ruling on her face that time. She game me around hundreds of different expression with one single smile… Making me clear that she was not expecting that from my side. Before she could covert her facial expression to words and I have to give so many explanation. I spoke some thing … and that was "i am sorry….".

I don't know why i said that or how I said or who made it say to me my brain or my heart but may be that single line gave all the answer to her. And she was back to her as usual sweet smile. We both were looking at each others eyes when she was taking that rose. And in that single second we shared so many thing , so many words which we can't say to each other.
"Helloooooooo" all of a sudden a loud voice came from some where that brought us to the reality. It was her hostel warder calling her back. What a timing, there were so many other girls also outside but he has to disturb us only and at that time if i had a "Atom bomb" i would have blown him away. She looked back and looked at me again this time it was again a different expression. I know what she was feeling at that time, amy be she was not saying anything but hey eyes were speaking loudly. And I was also feeling the same… may be that was magic of staying so many days away from each other. I really wanted to spend some time with her but it was getting too late for her and for me too cause I wont get bus to home after 10 pm. "acha to… Bye!!! kaal milte hain." (Ok bye! meet u tomorrow) and she left turing towards her hostel. I was still standing at that same place still thing what to say,… why is that my brain don't work as fast as it work at office when i face these kind of situations. And she left before entering the hostel she gave a half smile.

Even though i was not able to say anything to her … how much i missed her but I was happy that everything is normal now waiting for tomorrow to meet her i also left. With my every step her hostel light was getting small and small and at the end it disappeared. But i could still feel her walking besides me holding my hands.


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