First Rose to My.... (Part 1)

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It is as usual summer night 8:30pm showing in my watch. But i don't think tonight it is going to be same as everyday.

With every second my heart beat is increasing. I had faced so many different horrible situations worst than this one but still why i am getting goosebumps.
I don't know how I get myself trapped in these type of situations. May be my heart knows the answer for this one….

This story began on 4th Jan 2011. I don't know what made me talk to her. May be I will never get answer for this. The conversation started with me saying "Hello…" and guess what I got reply from her. And her "Hi.." increased my heart beat of the charts. It was such a dramatic chat with her. Thank god it got over after half an hour.

After next few days my HR announced for 3 day holidays I was like jumping with happiness cause at last I got some handful of time to spend with her. I could not keep my self controlled that day i was dieing to talk to her. And i got time to ask her for date. And to my astonishment she agreed & I was supposed to meet her next evening and she gave her phone number to me…and I was on cloud nine. And I could not sleep that night…whole night I was just thinking about her & what i would tell her, how i will start the conversation….

Oh god please help me.... be continued.

First Rose to My...(Part 2)


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